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Hello! Do you remember Kees Of Dog’s Delight?

22 Aug

Hello…  it’s me!  I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…Clancy waving.jpg

Yes, I’m ashamed I have let a year and a half go by since I’ve updated my blog that Clancy motivated me to start years and years and years ago.  As always, Clancy and I have been busy getting out there and having fun in between my work to pay the bills for us to be able to do all that we do, and have a roof over our heads.

I don’t even know where to begin to catch up on things…  and I’m not even going to attempt to try to start remembering the sequence of events from last February to now.  So, when I can, I will just post something interesting that has happened or something that I hope motivates all you dog lovers to do something a little special with your fur-kids.

There is one big piece of news, well, two big pieces of news to bring you up to speed on.  Clancy is no longer an “only child”.  He shares his fun life with two “little brothers”!  Again, long stories for another time, but we will soon formally introduce “Silver” (a rescued Kees, about 3 years old now) and “Monty” (my first show puppy, now about 18 months old).  They are all good friends and though Clancy still definitely values his “one-on-one” time with me, he enjoys the company of his Keeshond companions.

Here’s a pic of the “three amigos” in early June 2018 after attending (and earning many ribbons, placements and accomplishments) at the 2018 Keeshond Club of America National Specialty show in Lawrence, Kansas.

My fluffy boys ribbons with names.jpg

I do have some other pressing things I have to tend to, (as Monty is jumping up on me saying get off the computer, let’s play tug!)…  but we just wanted to let you know that we haven’t abandoned Kees of Dog’s Delight….  in fact, we now have multiple Kees and lots of delight to share with the world soon!  Please feel free to check in on Clancy on his Facebook page (which we update often) @ClancyFluffyDogTricks and get your daily dose of Clancy cuteness on his Instagram account:  @ClancyFluffyTrickDog and I just started an Instagram account for Monty, too!:  @MontyKeeshond 


Clancy’s Meet the Breed Westminster Dog Show Weekend in NYC

14 Feb

Clancy in the Big Apple!

New York has gone to the dogs!  Well, just until tonight when the Westminster Kennel Club dog show concludes.

This past weekend, Clancy and I volunteered to help introduce Keeshonden to hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who went to the “AKC Meet and Compete” event at Pier 92 in New York City..  Oh what a fun event for animal lovers!  It is part of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show festivities leading up to what many would consider to be the most highly regarded dog show in the country.  Each AKC recognized dog breed has a booth where the public can “Meet the Breed” and ask questions to the knowledgeable volunteers that are passionate about the dogs (and cats…  yes all the cat breeds were there!) they love.


Clancy making friends with a giant Beagle at the Meet the Breed event.

As Keeshond owners likely know, you can’t make it far in public with your Kees without being stopped by people in awe.  “What kind of dog iiiis that?!?”  (Us Kees lovers don’t mind at all…  we can never get tired of talking about how awesome our dogs are!)  It began for Clancy and I about 3 blocks from the piers in Manhattan.


Stacie & Clancy capturing a moment at our Meet the Breed booth station

We finally made it to the Keeshond Meet The Breed booth to help give other volunteers and their dogs a break from the adoring public.  So so so many people were there, despite a recent snowstorm in the city!  The AKC must have done a great job marketing the event.


The Keeshond booth was quite popular with people 3 rows deep crowded around to see what is likely the fluffiest dog breed there is.  Many commented on the the Keesie “smile” and were charmed by their sweet, social temperament.  Clancy also was happy to do some tricks to demonstrate the intelligence and love for treats the Kees inhibit.  Video of Clancy doing some tricks at Meet the Breed booth  (<–Please pardon the poor jumpy videography!)


Clancy being one of the Keeshond ambassadors at the Keeshond “Meet the Breed” booth

Though we had little time to talk to each other, it was great being with other Keeshond lovers behind the booth.  If you have a good representative of a pure-bred dog that loves people and is conditioned for a crowded high-energy crazy environment, I highly recommend reaching out to your breed’s parent club and asking if you can take part in a Meet the Breed event.  It is rewarding to educate so many about the wonderful (and not so wonderful) qualities of the breed that captured your heart so those considering getting a dog, may make an informed decision on what breed is right for them.


We spent much of the day at our booth, and unfortunately, the weather was really crumby the next day, so Clancy and I didn’t get to do much in New York City this time.


My Smiling Dutchman on Pier 92.

He was really exhausted after the day’s activities anyway.  We do look forward to returning next year to do it again and hopefully have some fun together in the city.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay to watch the big show…  The Westminster Kennel Club dog show was on Monday and Tuesday.  However, Clancy did “make an appearance” on TV during the first night of the televised show.  Here’s a clip of his tweet confusing the host:” target=”_blank”>Video of Clancy “the fluffy Boxer” tweet aired on Westminster

Have fun watching Westminster and cheering on your favorite breed!  Also, be sure to let the champion of your heart know how much he/she is loved today!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Clancy and his valentine, “Pepper” the cat



Goodbye 2016, It’s been an adventure

31 Dec

2016 has been an exciting year for Clancy!

From our first real TV appearance, to qualifying for the RAE Class at the AKC Rally Nationals, achieving our Rally Advanced Excellent obedience title at the Keeshond Club of America National in Colorado, finishing as the top Keeshond in AKC Rally, to doing trick shows, creating lots of smiles through therapy dog visits, and having fun with dock diving, Clancy and I had a great 2016.

We will share pics of how our year went soon.   We’ve been so busy, so apologies for not being able to blog much this year.  We’ll see what 2017 brings!

For now, we’d like to wish everyone a happy, successful and healthy New Year!



Fluffy Dog says VOTE, America!

8 Nov

Clancy and his feline friend, Pepper, wants every American to get out and vote this Election Day!  Check out his cute video trying to get your attention to go cast your vote today!

We’ll be blogging again soon, but for now keep up with Clancy on his Facebook page:

Fluffy Dog Tricks


It’s finally here!  Election Day in the USA.  Here’s a cute video of Clancy trying to get your attention and then showing you it’s time to vote!  Feel free to share!

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31 Jul

Enjoying your summer?  Take your vacation yet?  I’m working on a blog post about taking a road trip with you dog and need a couple more days to decide which of the hundreds of pictures I have should be included with it.  For now, enjoy a few pics of Clancy celebrating 4th of July!

Clancy 4th of July 1.jpg

Clancy 4th of July 4


Fluffy Dog, Clancy, acting out The Secret Life of Pets scene & C’mon back soon!

30 Jun

Clancy and I tried to enter the “The Secret Life of Pets” live animal casting audition where you have your pet re-enact a scene from the movie trailer.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, our video submission wasn’t accepted.  It’s still pretty cute, so please check it out below and enjoy!


Also, please come back soon to hear about Clancy’s latest adventures, see great pics and most importantly, get ideas to enrich your dog’s lives.  🙂

Clancy sightsee 7 falls

The month of June was all about catching up on work and other things after our Colorado trip, but I plan on writing some substantive blog posts soon, so please check back in the near future!  

Be your dog’s best friend! ~ SSB

Where has May gone? To Colorado!

31 May

IMAG3430It’s the last day of May, actually the last minutes of May, and I can’t stand to not have some sort of post in each calendar month.  Clancy and I have been on a road trip across 3/4 of the country to attend the Keeshond Club of America’s annual National in Colorado Springs, CO. This has taken up a good chunk of May, including the last couple of weekends prior to it, traveling to obedience and Rally obedience trials so we could have a chance to achieve a couple of titles at the KCA National.  As I write this, I’m in a hotel heading back home with one new title and with two beautiful and wonderful Keeshonden hogging up the bed…  Clancy and our roommate over nearly the last 2 weeks, “Mercy” (who’s mom is asleep in the other bed.)  IMAG3270

When I get some time after I get home, I will share pics of this wonderful trip with my dog.  If you ever get a chance to take a road trip to a pet-friendly destination like Colorado Springs with your dog, do it!!!  It’s a wonderful bonding experience and you get to meet so many wonderful dog lovers along the way.  We even got to stop to meet a Facebook friend in person along our travel route.  VIDEO0619_0000032769

I have many topics I can’t wait to blog about, so please check keep checking back periodically!




Happy Birthday, Clancy, the Fluffy Trick Dog!

30 Apr

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Fancy Chief Clancy!!!  So hard to believe that he is already 5 years old!

Clancy 5th Birthday 2

Clancy has already brought so much fun and joy to thousands…  (yes, thousands!) of people during the 5 years of his existence.  We, and I hope you, look forward to the adventures, fun and joy yet to come for the next 10+ years.

I’ve had the blessing of knowing Clancy since he was just 10 days old…  when I met his breeder for the first time.  I had the treasured opportunity of visiting him on almost a weekly basis as he grew up to be old enough to take home.

Please enjoy this brief photo album on Clancy’s Facebook page of Clancy growing up to be the wonderful, talented and handsome Keeshond that he is today by clicking on this link:   “Clancy Growing Up” photo album on his Facebook page

Clancy and I have a lot of things coming up that we have been training for.  We will be active on this blog again once things calm down.  We have some big trials coming up and are hoping to achieve new titles in Obedience and in Rally before the end of May.  In the meantime, please follow Clancy on his Facebook page to see regular updates including the fun pics/videos on #TrickTuesday and #ThrowbackThursday. 

Here’s a quick slideshow of how Clancy spent his birthday…  at a Keeshond club meeting, going swimming, going for a walk in the park by the lake, playing at the dog park, having special treats and dinner, opening presents and playing with some favorite toys.  Happy 5th birthday, ALCH RO3 UJJ Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy CDX RE CGCA DJ THD    ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cute Fluffy Dog, Clancy’s Easter Egg Hunt

27 Mar

Clancy the Keeshond’s newest dog trick video. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Fluffy Dog Tricks

Happy Easter!  Enjoy this Fluffy Dog Tricks video of Clancy, the Keeshond, doing an Easter Egg Hunt!  Please feel free to share!  Don’t forget to “Like” Clancy’s Facebook page:

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Ready for some Football! Clancy hikes ball dog trick

7 Feb

A new trick Clancy is working on for Super Bowl Sunday… Hike the Football! Cute video!

Fluffy Dog Tricks

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and Clancy is ready for some football!  Here’s Clancy showing up those cute puppies in the Puppy Bowl with a new fluffy dog trick we’re working on…  “Hike the ball!”

Clancy Hikes Football Dog Trick Video – click here

Clancy dog Football snow hike Clancy the Keeshond ready to hike the football on the last mound of snow from #Blizzard2016

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Ready for some Football! Clancy hikes ball dog trick – Move over Puppy Bowl!

7 Feb

Dog hikes football! Clancy the Keeshond is ready for some football on Super Bowl Sunday! Fluffy Dog Tricks

Source: Ready for some Football! Clancy hikes ball dog trick

Clancy on Good Morning Washington performing tricks

6 Feb

Here’s Clancy the Keeshond’s TV debut!

Fluffy Dog Tricks

Clancy, the Keeshond, doing some Fluffy Dog Tricks in his TV debut!

Please click on the link below to see Clancy’s segment on Good Morning Washington on WJLA ABC 7’s affiliate, News Channel 8.

Clancy in front wjla

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Clancy to be on TV & Introducing

26 Jan

Two big announcements for you!  We are excited to announce that Clancy will be featured live in a segment on “Good Morning Washington” on News Channel 8 Washington, DC tomorrow (Jan. 28) at 9:15 am EST.  Also, we are excited to announce that Clancy has a new website featuring his dog trick videos: and Clancy now has his own Facebook page: Like Clancy on Facebook – Clancy, the fluffy trick dog – Keeshond

Clancy snow shovel 2

Clancy, sporting a Washington Capitals winter hat, tries to help clear away nearly 2 feet of snow.

During the big dig out after the Blizzard of 2016 in the Washington, DC area, I recorded a quick video of Clancy’s newest dog trick, “snow plow”, which the folks at WJLA- ABC 7 News took a liking to.  They shared it on their news program and their Facebook page:

We are now booked to do a 3 – 5 minute segment on “Good Morning Washington” to demonstrate his snow shovel trick live along with a few other tricks.  If you live in the DC area, set your DVR for News Channel 8 (WJLA 7 ABC news affiliate) for our 9:15 am segment on Thursday, Jan. 28.  If you don’t live in the area, look for us online!  Once the live segment airs, they will post to within 1 to 3 business days.

We love our Kees of Dogs Delight blog fan base and will continue to publish the variety of videos/photos/articles/announcements here.  I recently created for the ease of directing the numerous people that crosses Clancy’s path who would love to just see Clancy’s tricks.  As Keeshond lovers know, it isn’t easy to explain the breed name…  and it’s a lot easier for people to remember to look up Fluffy Dog Tricks instead.  So, there you will find Clancy’s dog trick videos in one place and we’ll also post tricks in progress so you can see, as smart as Clancy is, teaching a new trick usually doesn’t happen overnight.  (I do admit that it only took about 10 minutes to teach Clancy the “snow plow” trick seen below, but other tricks we’ve been working on for a long long time.)  I look forward to writing that blog post on dog tricks that I promised!

Clancy snow shovel 1

Clancy the Keeshond … the snow shoveling dog!

In case you miss it, I’ll post the link to our segment on GMW next week.  🙂  Hope everyone is enjoying the snow with their dog!

~ Be Your Dog’s Best Friend ~ S.S.B.





A Toast to 2015 and to 2016! Clancy and I wish you Happy New Year!

31 Dec

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!  We hope that you had some fun this past year with your dog(s) and pledge to keep having fun with ’em next year, too!


As you may already know from reading our blog throughout the year, Clancy and I had a fun and successful 2015, and look forward to the adventures that 2016 brings.

Keep being your dog’s best friend!  ~ SSB

And Please Remember…  a dog’s life is too short…  try to do something memorable with them this coming year.  Happy New Year!

Clancy Xmas 2

We hope that Santa Paws treated everyone well and all enjoyed the holidays!  All Our Best, Clancy and his “mom”, Stacie


Share Your Best Friend, make someone’s day with Pet Therapy

30 Nov

Clancy head down

Please consider volunteering even a little bit of time with your wonderful pet as a pet therapy team.

Therapy dog work is so rewarding and anyone with a social and well-behaved pet can become involved. There are a large variety of establishments that are in need of pet therapy to help calm nerves, help with a mental or physical disability, or to brighten up someone’s day. Many times, when Clancy and I do a therapy dog visit, we are not just brightening up someone’s day; we have been the one happy moment of that troubled person’s week, month, or sadly, the remainder of their life. It means so much to people to have their minds taken off of their troubles as your pet greets them, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Clancy dr. visit 2

Clancy cheering up a patient at the hospital, giving her a mental break from her pain.

As much as people appreciate our visits, it’s just as rewarding to us. Watching people take joy in petting Clancy, the laughter his doggie kisses brings, and the applause he gets from delighting everyone with his trick performances, makes me and everyone who witnesses it feel good. Even those that don’t care for dogs, have to smile when Clancy waves at them or does another cute dog trick, like playing the “piano”. If you have a Keeshond, then you know that even just the mere sight of your fluff ball triggers smiles and gasps of awe.

Clancy dr. visit 3 bb

Clancy showing off his basketball trick to long-term patients in a hospital.

Clancy and I volunteer with a local pet therapy program and have visited nursing homes, dementia care facilities, Hospices, elementary schools, colleges, hospitals, public libraries and more. Lonely elders are reminded of good times with their own pets which triggers them to have conversations with others long after you leave.

Clancy nursing home help

Clancy giving some love at a nursing home.

It’s especially special to get a reaction from someone that has been trapped in their own mental state, not acknowledging the outside world. Clancy did just that with an elderly lady at a special adult care live-in facility. As Clancy performed his tricks for her, she pointed at him and started muttering with a smile on her face. A nearby caretaker exclaimed that she had not heard this lady make a sound in the weeks that she had been there. We were all thrilled when she began clapping as Clancy showed off more of his tricks.

Here is a video of one of the favorite tricks that Clancy does at the medical facilities we visit:  Clancy’s “Achoo” Trick …

However, your pet doesn’t have to know tricks to help those in need. Any well-behaved, trustworthy, social, sweet, and well-groomed pet that has been conditioned to a variety of distractions will make a good therapy animal. If your dog is able to pass the (AKC) Canine Good Citizen test, your dog would likely be able to pass the temperament screening test that most therapy dog organizations require.

Clancy dr. visit

“Dr. Clancy” dressed up as a doctor for Halloween, visiting a patient in the hospital.

Keeshonden are especially well-suited for therapy work, for they have naturally sweet temperaments and are great family dogs. They have a natural affinity for people and especially children. They are such a happy and social breed that has more tolerance than most for children’s antics and do not seem to mind hugs. Good thing, too, for of course the Keeshond has a huggable factor off the charts… people just can’t resist wrapping their arms around them and burying their head in all that fluff. Kees are also very trainable, making it easy to teach them manners, obedience and tricks. It does take some time from the owner to do the training, but it’s worth it.

Clancy school lesson

Mr. Clancy is ready to start today’s lesson at school.

From when he was a young puppy and continuing through the present, I brought Clancy everywhere to socialize him with all types of people and to get used to all kinds of environments. We took classes, then enforced manners and practiced obedience in a variety of places such as pet-friendly stores, on sidewalks of store fronts, near playgrounds of screaming children, dog parks (which was the most challenging for us) and unfamiliar places. With some training and patience, you can also train older dogs to be good therapy dogs. Even a couple of keeshonden rescued from puppy mills, who had a very different start to life than Clancy, were socialized and trained and have recently passed their therapy dog screenings (one of them being Reggie, who was one of the lucky ones that was rescued from Marjorie’s Kennel and went on to become a Trick Dog Champion just like Clancy).

Kallie and Reggie therapy dogs

Kallie (left) and Reggie (right) recently became therapy dogs after being rehabilitated after being rescued from a puppy mill.

I didn’t know at the time I got a puppy that I would one day be involved in therapy dog work. Clancy brought me so much joy every day and any time we were out in public, he was a natural with the attention he drew. I couldn’t keep Clancy just to myself when we could use the power of his cuteness, personality and intelligence to make a difference in people’s lives. Clancy took the therapy dog temperament test when he was a little over 2 years old and had completed over 50 different therapy visits to earn his AKC Therapy Dog title shortly before his 4th birthday.

Clancy elementary school visit

Clancy spreading the importance of therapy dog work at an elementary school on Career Day.

Clancy and I have so many heart-warming memories of visits that I know made a real difference in that person’s life, already too many to share on a blog post. Many of those visits occurred in Hospice and in the ICU at the hospital. To make someone in those situations smile, to entertain them with something that likely they never have seen before (such as a dog playing the bongos, basketball, or getting a drink out of a cooler), are priceless moments. I even had someone in Hospice profusely thank me because they felt they have now seen everything after seeing Clancy’s performance.

Clancy library 2

Clancy happily listening to a child read during The Paws to Read therapy dog program at a local library.

Dog tricks do add to the special memory of having been visited by a therapy dog. A few useful ones for any type of therapy visit is to train your dog “Paws up”, so they may get closer to those that are bed-ridden, “kisses” to get a giggle out of the real animal lovers, “head down” to have your dog lay their head down on people’s laps, and “wave” for those that want to only admire your dog from a distance.  If your dog is up for a full out private performance, everyone gets a kick out of uncommon or more complicated tricks. In an upcoming blog post, I will cover dog tricks more in depth. Just be mindful of wearing out your dog and keeping them a safe distance from the spectators when the dog is in motion so to not even risk a scratch. I have Clancy put his paws up on my arm rather than on the patient or on their bed when we’re trying to get him closer to those that have limited mobility. Though you should be covered by the therapy dog organization’s insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, know your dog and if you sense that he/she needs a break or indicating any change in behavior, politely end the visit.

Clancy library 1

Clancy lending his fuzzy ears to children brushing up on their reading skills.

Therapy pets are high in demand and more volunteers are needed to step up with their capable pets, even if it’s just an hour a month. Pet therapy benefits those in hospitals, therapy, nursing homes, educational programs in schools, children’s reading programs, colleges during stressful exam time, even courtrooms. There are many local pet therapy organizations out there to get you and your pet started in therapy work. Each has their own set of requirements, so check out and compare a few to see what you think will work out best for your situation. To find one, just do a web search for pet therapy organizations in your state.   Want to learn more about what therapy dog work is, how it benefits others, and typical requirements or other things to expect? This website has a lot of useful information, , but always be sure to check with your local therapy dog organizations for specifics.

Clancy POW

Dogs sense when people really need their companionship… sometimes the best medicine is a warm fuzzy friendly animal to pet.

Share your best friend with others that might need him/her. It will make everyone’s day better, especially if you could find the time during the holiday season when it’s even lonelier for the lonely. Thank you to all those that already volunteer. ❤

Clancy umcp

Clancy helped college kids take a mental break from exams at University of Maryland. There’s all kinds of needs for pet therapy volunteers. Now get out there with your pet and make the world a better place!

Thank you and thank dogs

26 Nov

Today is a day to take at least a moment to reflect upon what you are thankful for, amid the turkey, family and football.  Clancy and I would like to thank you for coming to our site!  Maybe you’re interested in ideas to enrich your dog’s life, or want to learn more about a specific dog topic, love keeshonden or are a Clancy fan.  I am just thankful that you have an interest in understanding that dogs are much more than “just an animal.”  I am so thankful to have met so many passionate dog people near and far, both physically and virtually.  I am thankful for the support of my dog training friends, am thankful for my local dog breed club, for the therapy dog organization Clancy and I volunteer with, for living in a place where I can do all the things that I do with my dog, for my husband who understands and supports what I do, my family, friends and all my pets, my pet services clients and of course I am thankful to have Clancy in my life…  a dog that is so good, sweet, silly, intelligent, social, loving, fun, entertaining, awesome, adorable, patient, understanding, attentive, _insert hundreds of more positive adjectives here_ and is truly my heart and soul dog…  I love him so deeply and am thankful for every moment I get to spend with him.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Keep being your dog’s best friend. ~ SSB

Clancy with statue

P.S.  I am also grateful for your patience as I keep getting delayed in writing the blog posts that I keep saying are coming.  By the end of the holiday weekend, I should have my therapy dog post up.  🙂

P.P.S.  Another thing I am grateful for is that Clancy and I achieved our CDX obedience title this past weekend!

Stacie and Clancy CDX 1

Stacie and Clancy achieve the Companion Dog Excellent title by earning 3 qualifying scores in Obedience Open.

Happy National Dog Day

26 Aug
Clancy, the Keeshond, wishes his fellow doggie friends a Happy National Dog Day!

Clancy, the Keeshond, wishes his fellow doggie friends a Happy National Dog Day!

From Clancy and family, to you and your fur-baby family…  HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!

Did anyone do something a little extra special for their furry best friend today?

Clancy’s wish is for all the dog lovers out there to please help give his neglected Keeshond friends in a Harpursville, New York puppy mill, a chance to celebrate next year’s National Dog Day with a loving family by taking a moment to sign the petition at  

We thank you kindly!

“Be your dog’s best friend”… SSB

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Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Friday, June 26, 2015!

26 Jun

Clancy helping me at work

In honor of today being “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”, I am reposting my blog from last year on the topic.  Though my office building will no longer allow dogs to come in (my company does, but the big office building we’re in doesn’t), I did get to “bring my dog to work” yesterday during my dog walking appointment for my pet services business.  I do have a picture of my dog with me though and I encourage all dog owners to remember to ask next year if they could participate in National Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  If not, at least bring a picture of your furbaby to work to show off.  Just looking at a picture and talking about your dog offers many therapeutic results.  Enjoy!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Friday, June 20th.


It’s Saturday night! Let Clancy bring you a beer! 1 week til the Keesie fun!

6 Jun

The Fluffy Dog Beer delivery service now serves from coolers!  Let Clancy bring you a beer and properly discard of your empties on this Saturday night!  We’re celebrating that we have a Triple Crown winning horse (Congrats American Pharoah!) for the first time in 37 years and we’re just one week away from the Keeshond Karnival and Symposium.  (See my prior post for details.)  As promised, I will post a video of Clancy doing a fun dog trick each day leading up to his trick show at the Kees event on Saturday, June 13th.  Each of these videos are also dedicated to the effort to bring attention to the 60 or so remaining Keeshonden that are being neglected at Marjorie’s Kennel, one of the worst puppy mills in the United States.  Please learn more and how you can help at  Come back tomorrow for another dog trick video!

Bonus video (was posted a while ago, but fun to share again here since a dog getting a beer for you never gets old!)


Clancy beer cooler video

#FreeTheKees, Keeshond Symposium, Dog Tricks, More Titles, etc.

3 Jun

So much exciting news to share!  Yesterday was a milestone in the Keeshond community’s effort to shut down a horrible puppy mill in New York and

Many passionate supporters of the #FreeTheKees movement met in Albany on June 2nd to deliver nearly a quarter million signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition

Many passionate supporters of the #FreeTheKees movement met in Albany , NY on June 2nd to deliver nearly a quarter million signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition (photo courtesy of Jan Volkmer)

next weekend there will be a fun and educational Keeshond event on the East Coast for anyone who has a Kees or is interested in a Kees — click here for more information:  Keeshond Symposium June 13, 2015, Clancy will be performing a dog trick show there!

Clancy holding his new titles of THD & CGCA

Clancy holding his new titles of THD & CGCA

Since the last time I blogged, Clancy has many more dog tricks up his furry sleeves, we’ve achieved our first leg of our CDX obedience title and our 4th leg of our RAE Rally title.  More importantly, Clancy passed the Advanced Canine Good Citizen test and has earned his CGCA (Community Canine) title and recently accomplished over 50 therapy dog visits which earned him his AKC Therapy Dog (THD) title.   Clancy also became the first Keeshond to compete in the Ultimate Air Dogs “Chase It” swimming races and holds the Keeshond fastest swimmer brag.  

There’s probably more things that I’m forgetting, but I’ve been handicapped with my laptop being broken that has all my pictures, videos and software on it.  It’s also the busy season for both jobs that I work, so I apologize that it’s been the longest gap in between blog posts ever for me.  😦   2015 is half over and I still have the winter theme up on my blog!  Ahhh!

Well, I will do what I can when I can here…  I have trick videos I want to add here (just need to get my laptop up and running again), stories about the #FreeTheKees Keeshond Rescue effort, and what I really have intended to do with my blog from the beginning, writing articles about the experiences I have with my dog, Clancy, to encourage others to make efforts to further enrich the lives of their own dogs.

Clancy meeting new doggie friends while at a volunteer event

Clancy meeting new doggie friends while at a volunteer event

Thank you for your patience and continued support to Free the Keeshonden out of Marjorie’s Kennel.  I have more to share about that soon.  In the meantime, please check out this little bit of press coverage about Monday’s efforts and please comment on the story:

Learn more at and use hashtag #FreeTheKees  in Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks!

#FreeTheKees Petition Building Momentum! and Clancy’s Trick Videos

19 Mar

10402049_780771558609578_8032165475966283418_nWowzers!  We are suddenly closing in on 150,000 signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition at and my Keeshond, Clancy, and I are thrilled that the cause so near and dear to our heart is finally getting the attention it deserves!

Originally, I said I would post a video of Clancy doing a dog trick for every 5000 signatures on the petition telling New York Governor Cuomo and the New York State Department of Agriculture to enforce their own puppy mill laws.  Specifically to enforce Charlemagne’s Law, which Marjorie’s Kennel, a puppy mill of Keeshonden and a couple of other northern breeds in Harpursville, NY, is clearly violating.  I recently had to change it to every milestone met on the petition because I couldn’t keep up with all of the wonderful people that believe Marjorie’s dogs should have a better life than just being breeding machines while trying to survive outside in the New York sub-zero winter temperatures.

So here’s a new short video demonstrating many of the dog tricks and things that Clancy can do.  It’s a compilation of many parts of trick videos we’ve already produced (with a new “play and stay dead”).  I’m submitting demo videos to animal talent agents so I thought I would share them to help begin fulfilling my promise of Clancy’s tricks for petition signatures.  This is demo video #1.

Clancy and I have a lot of work to do.  It might take some time since I still have to earn a living, but we will be happy to be in debt to you all for HUNDREDS of trick videos as long as everyone keeps the pressure on New York and Marjorie to #FreeTheKees.  Let all those dogs become the wonderful pets they were meant to be.  Learn more at  Like the Free The Kees Facebook page to learn of other ways to help, too!

A NY 101 Kees, "Reggie", playing basketball.

A New York 101 Kees, “Reggie”, playing basketball.

Clancy and I would like to give a big WOOF out to Mary Lynch and “Reggie”.  “Reggie” is one of the Keeshonden rescued from Marjorie’s Puppy Mill and has already become an Expert Trick Dog (and Mary is working with him to become the next Keeshond Trick Dog Champion). 

Congrats, Mary and “Reggie”…  and to all the wonderful people that have rehabilitated the dogs that have been rescued from Marjorie’s Puppy Mill so far! 

This just proves that every dog is capable of so much.  One of the many reasons why we need to just put a stop to puppy mills.

So, while I work on recording new material, here’s a video from Clancy’s last Obedience trial that we were in just last weekend (hey, these are considered dog tricks!  Especially the one Clancy created in the show ring here.)

Oh, the Keesie sense of humor.  ….  ‘Til next time, remember, you are your dog’s world.  Be his best friend! ~ SSB

Baby Cries when Fluffy Dog Fake Dies – Funny and Cute quick video

28 Feb

A young spectator at Clancy’s dog trick show at a children’s birthday party takes his “playing dead” trick too seriously.

Enjoy this quick, cute and funny video as we work on more of Clancy’s trick videos to be posted soon.  (I’ve learned my lesson on promising time frames, so let’s just say “soon.”)

Remember to please keep spreading the word to #FreeTheKees being neglected in Marjorie’s Kennel in Harpursville, NY.  Visit for more information.  Thank you!

Keeshond Steals Checkbook, Gets Beer, and Goes Shopping!

2 Feb

Ta da!  Finally, here is Clancy the Keeshond’s new fun and unique dog trick video where he “SneaKEEily Steals my Checkbook, Gets a Beer, Recycles and Goes Shopping!”  (I added in an extra trick as a bonus for the delay.)  Clancy takes matters into his own paws when he finds out that I’m not getting him any more new toys after he tears out the stuffing of one of his toys.

This long awaited dog tricks video that you voted for in a recent poll, hopefully is worth the wait in celebrating over 15,000 signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition to convince Governor Cuomo of New York to enforce New York State’s own puppy mill laws (specifically Charlemagne’s Law) to shut down Marjorie’s Kennel in Harpursville, NY where 50+ Keeshonden are neglected and suffering outside in the dangerous cold winter right now.  Learn more at and keep spreading the word to #FreeTheKees.

Clancy and I will be creating new dog trick videos to celebrate the 20,000 and 25,000 signatures milestone within the next few weeks, so visit again soon!

Please accept our apologies for the long delay in getting this “Pickpocket and Go Shopping” Dog Trick Video out.  Between accepting a promotion at my “day job”, working on my start-up pet services business, doing things with Clancy (we’re training and competing for our CDX title now!), family and other personal matters, it has left little time to work on this passion of mine…  dog tricks and encouraging others to enrich their dog’s lives.  Things should be quieter in February, so look out soon for “Clancy’s Dramatic Death Scene” video next followed by “The One-Fluffy Dog Band” dog trick video!

Dogs are capable of so much more than we give them credit for…  work with your dog and you will be amazed!  Will post more over the next couple of months on how to work with your dog to teach them fun and cool stuff!

~ Your dog is your best friend.  Be your dog’s best friend. ~ SSB

Clancy going shopping with cashier Petra, the Vizla

Clancy going shopping with cashier Petra, the Vizla

Shopping, Dramatic Death Scene and One-Dog Band videos starring Clancy!

30 Jan

With over 26,000 signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition to alert New York Governor Cuomo to enforce the state’s very own puppy mill laws which Marjorie’s Kennel is in violation of, Clancy and I are in debt to all of you wonderful people promoting the petition and signing it.

Clancy going shopping --  a scene from the trick video we're working on!

Clancy going shopping — a scene from the trick video we’re working on that will be live on YouTube on Sunday!

I have all the footage for the “Clancy steals checkbook and goes shopping” video loaded, now I just need the time to put it together, which I finally should be able to do on Sunday.  (January has been such a crazy month…  unexpected things came up and I haven’t had any time to dedicate to this passion of promoting the #FreeTheKees movement and dog tricks.)


Clancy has a very dramatic “play dead” death scene that he can’t wait to share with everyone to celebrate 20,000 signatures on the petition!

Clancy and I now owe 3 trick videos to celebrate the 15,000 and 20,000 and 25,000 signature benchmarks. I promise that they will be done by the end of February!

Please keep up the good work in spreading the word as 50+ Keeshonden are suffering in the freezing cold with little human interaction as they live outside in Harpursville, NY at Marjorie’s Kennel.  Learn more about the cause at  February should be a busy month for this Kees Of Dog’s Delight blog, so keep checking back here!  Thank you for your patience!  – SSB & “Clancy”

Clancy won "The Best Trick" at the World of Pets Expo in Baltimore, MD last weekend!  He will share this "One-Dog Band" trick with everyone to celebrate 25,000 signatures on the petition!

Clancy won “The Best Trick” at the World of Pets Expo in Baltimore, MD last weekend! He will share this “One-Dog Band” trick with everyone to celebrate 25,000 signatures on the petition!

HapKee New Year !!! and P.S.

31 Dec

As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in 2015, Clancy and I want to thank all of our followers and those that stop by because they are interested in enhancing their life with their own dog, or love Keeshonden or are a fan of Clancy’s.

Here's a toast to all that love their dog!  Happy New Year!

Here’s a toast to all that love their dog! Happy New Year!

2014 has been a busy busy year for us…  It’s been fun, educational, and productive despite some of the limitations a nagging neck injury from a car accident a few years ago still imposes upon me.

Clancy’s achievements we celebrated in 2014, beginning with the most recent accomplishments include:

  • First leg of his Rally Advance Excellent title – American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • United Kennel Club (UKC) Rally Obedience 3 (RO3) title
  • Breaking his own dock diving record for Keeshonden with a 13 foot 2 inches jump
  • Becoming the AKC (and North America Diving Dogs) first dock diving titled Keeshond -Dock Junior jumper (DJ) title
  • AKC Companion Dog (CD) obedience title
  • AKC Rally Excellent (RE) title
  • Trick Dog Champion (TDCH) title (Do More With Your Dog!)
  • 1st Place in Maryland DogFest Dog Talent Contest
  • Trick Shows at numerous nursing homes, schools, and community events
  • Featured in the Maryland Gazette for our trick videos to bring awareness to the neglected Keeshonden in Marjorie’s Kennel (New York Puppy Mill)  (FOR EVERY 5OOO SIGNATURES ON THE PETITION AT WWW.KEESRESCUE.COM we will create and post a unique and fun dog trick video on YouTube.)
  • Had a blast being with so many Keeshonden at the Keeshond Club of America National Specialty in Asheville, NC
  • Earning numerous First Place ribbons in the competitions we’ve been in
  • Creating THOUSANDS of smiles all year long with the dozens of Therapy Dog visits we do and just being out and about together

We look forward to what 2015 will bring and hope to keep motivating dog owners to bring out the best in their furry companions.  Dogs are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.  It’s up to you to encourage them and show them their potential!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

P.S.  I am so sorry about the delay in posting Clancy’s trick videos.  I have recently accepted a full-time promotion at my “day job” that does offer me the flexibility to grow FUNanimal Pet Services, however those combined with my continued devotion to doing things with Clancy, has not allowed me the time to complete the videos or contribute much to my blog as of late.  Clancy and I owe TWO awesome trick videos now as the petition to Free The Kees in New York has reached over 25,000 signatures!  With the holiday season coming to an end, I hope to get out the much anticipated “Clancy Steals Checkbook and Goes Shopping” video out on YouTube within the next week.  After that video gets out, Clancy will perform another unique fun trick routine!  (You will find a hint of what’s to come in the picture above. 😉 )  Keep spreading the word to tell the state of New York to enforce their own Puppy Mill laws to close down Marjorie’s Kennel in Harpursville, New York where 60+ neglected Keeshonden and a few other Spitz breeds are trying to survive the brutal New York winter outside…  learn more and sign the petition at

Merry KeesMas!

Merry KeesMas!

Coming soon… Really! In the meantime…

22 Oct
My new trick video is still in production!  Not much longer now...

My new trick video is still in production! Not much longer now…

My apologies to everyone waiting on Clancy’s newest trick video!  It really is coming soon…

I haven’t had any spare time lately, but I have not forgotten my promise of a new unique dog trick routine video for every 5000 signatures received on the petition to #FreeTheKees.

At a Capital Keeshond Club meeting, here's Clancy enjoying spending time with "Christian", one of the lucky Kees rescued from Marjorie's Kennel (Puppy Mill)

At a Capital Keeshond Club meeting, here’s Clancy enjoying spending time with “Christian”, one of the lucky Kees rescued from Marjorie’s Kennel (Puppy Mill)

At the time of this writing, we’re at about 17K signatures…  please keep sharing and encouraging others to sign.  It’s getting cold in New York…  let’s save the remaining Keeshonden from Marjorie’s Kennel before we have more cases of frost bite and heat lamp burns.

Clancy and I achieved our UKC Rally Obedience 3 title last weekend!  With some great scores of 97, 95 and 97, too!

Clancy and I achieved our UKC Rally Obedience 3 title last weekend! With some great scores of 97, 95 and 97, too! Pictured with Judge Robert Wolfe.

Clancy and I have been busy doing so many things!

Clancy has been bringing smiles to hospitals, nursing homes & more with his therapy dog work...  he has completed over 40 therapy dog visits and will soon earn his AKC Therapy Dog title!

Clancy has been bringing smiles to hospitals, nursing homes & more with his therapy dog work… he has completed over 40 therapy dog visits and will soon earn his AKC Therapy Dog title!

Now I just need to fulfill the purpose of my Kees Of Dog’s Delight blog and write about it so we may inspire others to go out there and do things with their dog!  So please keep checking back in, we have so much to share!  For a preview, you can get an idea how busy Clancy has been over the last several weeks in these photos.

Clancy received his AKC Dock Diving title (1st titled dock diving Keeshond!)  Last year Clancy received his UKC Dock Diving title.

Clancy received his AKC Dock Diving title (1st titled dock diving Keeshond!) Last year Clancy received his UKC Dock Diving title.

(We’ll also be in a dock diving competition this weekend!)

In the meantime, enjoy some teaser pictures of Clancy’s “steal checkbook and go shopping video”.  As an extra bonus for everyone’s patience, we are actually adding much more to this fun trick skit!

Clancy competed in AKC Obedience Novice B at the Capital Keeshond Club Specialty on Oct. 12 and earned his highest score yet, 185 1/2 (Clancy has much more fun in the other dog sports, so he's better at those than competition obedience)

Clancy competed in AKC Obedience Novice B at the Capital Keeshond Club Specialty on Oct. 12 and earned his highest score yet, 185 1/2 (Clancy has much more fun in the other dog sports, so he’s better at those than competition obedience)

We loved seeing all the Keesies and socializing with folks at the Capital Keeshond Club Speciality on Oct. 11.  Puppies make it extra fun!

We loved seeing all the Keesies and socializing with folks at the Capital Keeshond Club Speciality on Oct. 11. Puppies make it extra fun!

Clancy going shopping --  a scene from the trick video we're working on!

Clancy going shopping — a scene from the trick video we’re working on!

Clancy shopping 2

Clancy going shopping with cashier Petra, the Vizla

Clancy going shopping with cashier Petra, the Vizla Petition Reaches 15K Signatures! Clancy’s new trick video will be…

26 Sep

Woohoo!  We have reached the next milestone to #FreeTheKees with 15,000 signatures on the petition to Governor Cuomo of New York that tells him to Enforce Charlemagne’s Law and to shut down Marjorie’s Kennel in Harpursville, NY for being in clear violation of the law.

What does that mean?  Most importantly it means that at least 15,000 people are aware of the neglected Keeshonden in Marjorie’s Kennel and that it’s only a matter of time before those that have the power to shut her down cannot continue to ignore our voices.  We will not stand down until the 50+ remaining Keeshonden in her possession are allowed to be rescued and placed in the loving homes that are waiting for them!

Secondly, that means that it’s time for my beloved Keeshond, Clancy, to perform one of his fun and PAWesome trick routines for everyone to see on YouTube!  Recently, due to this mission, we were featured on the front page of two versions of the Gazette and the Local Living section of the Washington Post!  Check out the article here: Dog Lends Talent to End Poor Canine Conditions

You voted for it!  In our last blog post, we asked you which trick routine you wanted to see Clancy do next to celebrate 15,000 signatures on the petition.  Earning 50% of the the votes, you will soon see…

Clancy “SneaKEEily steals checkbook and goes shopping” dog trick video!
Check back here soon!  (and of course we will announce the video release, too!)  Please also keep spreading the word to sign the petition, write Governor Cuomo or the New York State Department of Agriculture…  let’s keep the momentum going and when we reach 20,000 signatures, we already have a very fun and awesome dog trick routine ready to share!
Cool Clancy with his Bongos and "Piano"...  did you see the "Fluffy Dog Plays Bongos" video yet on YouTube?  If not, click here!

Cool Clancy with his Bongos and “Piano”… did you see the “Fluffy Dog Plays Bongos” video yet on YouTube? If not, click here!

Clancy’s Next Trick Video — You Choose! #FreeTheKees petition closing in on 15K signatures!

17 Aug

Keep spreading the word to help the turn over of neglected Keeshonden in Marjorie’s Kennel to Keeshond Rescue, for we are closing in on 15,000 signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition on  That means it’s time to start thinking about which of Clancy’s tricks to feature in his next trick video.

With so many tricks up Clancy’s furry sleeves (he knows well over 100 commands so far), it’s hard to decide which one(s) to show off next!  (I do already have something fun and unique planned when we reach 20,000 signatures.)  So, I’m going to let the Clancy fans decide!

Which trick would you like to see next???  Whichever trick below has the most votes on the day that the petition reaches 15,000 signatures, will be the next video we make and post!  You may vote once each day.  (P.S.  The “Other” field is for fun and to hear what ideas you might have.  No promises!)


Here’s the link to the primary YouTube channel to see videos of Clancy, including his “Playing the Bongos with Piano Encore” video which was posted to celebrate 10,000 signatures.  Here’s another link to our original YouTube channel that features other Clancy videos, such as his dock diving videos.  (Oh, by the way!  Clancy completed his NADD/AKC Dock Diving title in the Junior division last weekend!  More on that, soon!)

Clancy giving piano lessons at a local event

Clancy giving piano lessons at a local event

Clancy achieved his North America Diving Dogs title in the Junior Division!

Clancy achieved his North America Diving Dogs title in the Junior Division!


Clancy plays the Bongos! (with a piano encore!) – 10K Signatures reached to #FreeTheKees

3 Aug

Finally, what you have been waiting for…  it’s Clancy playing the Bongos with a finale of him playing both the bongos and the “piano”!  This is just the beginning of what we have in store for everyone!  When we have time, OR when the #FreeTheKees petition on reaches 15,000 signatures, we will post a new trick video!  Once 20,000 signatures have been reached, you’ll get to see Clancy do something really unique and cool!  (Hint, this video is a preview of what’s to come!)

We have surpassed 10,000 signatures on the petition to help put an end to the suffering of the Keeshonden at Marjorie’s Kennel, a large puppy mill in upstate New York, who had promised to turn over her dogs to Keeshond rescue, and now is going back on that promise to continue to breed her unhealthy and neglected dogs.  Thank you to everyone that have already signed.  As promised, here is that video of Clancy playing the bongos in return for the petition reaching 10,000 signatures!  Keep spreading the word!  Clancy wants to keep showing off his tricks!

PLEASE do not support puppy mills by purchasing a puppy from a pet store or unknown person from the Internet…  you will be dooming that puppy’s parents to a horrible life.  Either adopt, rescue, foster OR buy from a reputable breeder.  Please do your research before taking that cute puppy home.  You will be happier and the poor dogs suffering at places like Marjorie’s Kennel will be happier that there may be a day that puppy mills are put out of business.

Interested in trick training or booking Clancy for a trick show?  Contact us at FUNanimal Pet Services!  Thanks!

Let’s Reach 10,000 Signatures and See Clancy Play the Bongos!

24 Jul

Wanna see a unique and cute dog trick video?? Help the petition to Enforce Charlemagne’s Law and Free the Keeshonds from Marjorie’s Kennel in New York reach 10,000 signatures and we will post the video of Clancy playing the Bongos!!!Clancy playing Bongos

Go here to sign & please share!!!

Please read about the #FreeTheKees movement to rescue 40+ dogs that are secluded, kept outside in all weather conditions, have parasites and congenital diseases and are being kept only as “breeding machines” to produce puppies that inherit many of their poor imprisoned parents problems.  The Keeshond community have the funds, means, and people to rescue all the remaining dogs and house them.  Learn more from my previous blog post (and see Clancy’s “whine” trick!) and you will find all the details on

Please use the hash tag #FreeTheKees on any pet related post you make on Twitter, FaceBook or any other social media.  Thank you for anything you can do to help expose Marjorie’s Kennel and the oversights of the New York Department of Agriculture Inspectors.

Here are images of "Sapphire", originally known as "Frances", who was one of the lucky Keeshonden rescued from Marjorie's Kennel early this year and now lives with a loving family!

Here are images of “Sapphire”, originally known as “Frances”, who was one of the lucky Keeshonden rescued from Marjorie’s Kennel early this year and now lives with a loving family!

Please Cheer Clancy Up… Shut Down Marjorie’s Kennel Puppy Mill #FreeTheKees

12 Jul

Clancy displaying how sad he feels for the poor dogs suffering in Marjorie’s Kennel and other Puppy Mills:


Hi everyone, Clancy and I are asking a favor of every animal lover out there…  just a moment of your time which could change the lives of dozens and dozens of Clancy’s kind.  It’s the #FreeTheKees movement to rescue the 40+ remaining Keeshonden from Marjorie’s Kennel, a large and disgusting Puppy Mill, in Harpursville, NY.

The Kees there are trapped in small crowded cages and do not get any socialization, or any kind of care beyond a meal… they are matted with parasites and with their own urine and feces.  These poor dogs live in the extreme heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter and only exist to be “breeding machines”.  Please take a moment to read about the Keeshond communities efforts to free these dogs and give them a life they deserve by visiting   There you will also find ways you can help the cause such as the contact information for the Governor of New York and other state officials.  At the very least, please sign this petition to convince Governor Cuomo to force this Puppy Mill to shut down by enforcing Charlemagne’s Law, which imposes higher living standards of animals owned by licensed pet dealers.  Marjorie Ingraham is in violation of this law.  With her attempts to comply by reducing the amount of dogs she had (200+ !!!) and with thoughts of just retiring and getting rid of all of her dogs, many of Marjorie’s Kees were sadly euthanized due to their exceedingly poor condition.  Some were sent to auction to continue to live horrible lives in other Puppy Mills.  She had agreed to give up the rest of her Keeshonden to Keeshond Rescue.  In late 2013, early 2014, a group of dedicated Keeshond rescuers saved and found foster homes for the 60 Kees they were able to pull out of Marjorie’s Kennel, which many have already been adopted.  Now she is refusing to let her 40 + remaining Keeshonden go to Keeshond Rescue as she had promised.  Here is an inspiring video from the rescue efforts of Marjorie’s Kennel from this past winter. 

I have personally met a few of the Kees that were saved earlier this year from Marjorie’s Kennel, including Sapphire, the one that you see in the petition’s picture.  It just broke my heart to see how scared and in poor condition they were. However, now they are transforming into the wonderful breed that they are… in their loving new homes, they have their beautiful coat and are happy and learning to trust people.  Here is the story of one of those Keeshonden, just a puppy, rescued from Marjorie’s Kennel… 

PLEASE sign this petition and even send a letter if you can to ‪#‎FreeTheKees‬.  Keep updated on the progress and see more before and after pictures on Facebook through the “Free the Kees” Community Page.

Fax, email, or mail a letter to Governer Cuomo:

Governor Cuomo’s Contact Information:
Fax: 518.474.1513 (may be the best method because it’s the most direct)
Mail: The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor, State of New York
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224 

Clancy and all Kees everywhere would appreciate your efforts to help their kind.   We thank you for anything you do to help put a stop to Puppy Mills.  If you are looking for a Keeshond puppy or any kind of dog, please read my article on “Where to Find Your New Best Friend” (at the bottom of the August 2013 blog post in that link).

I do hope you take a moment to read about a movement that is near and dear to Clancy and I’s heart. Clancy would give you a high five and many Keesie kisses!  021

Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Friday, June 20th

19 Jun

It’s that time of year again when everyone in your workplace has an extra big smile and perhaps a little extra furry accessories on their work clothes.

The first Friday after Father’s Day is the annual “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”!   This year it’s Friday, June 20th.  How much joy a well-behaved dog brings to everyone they encounter in the workplace!  Also think about the fun your dog will have spending extra time with you on a “field trip”!

Check out for more information and details about this wonderful initiative to have your furry best friend spend a day at the office with you!  If you can’t bring your dog, at least bring a picture of him/her and place it at your workstation for the day.  Get people talking about how wonderful man’s best friend is which should brighten up the day even if your pet wasn’t there.  Then perhaps if enough people talk about it, next year your workplace will participate!  (It’s actually encouraged to bring you pet to work WEEK leading up to the Friday where the actual event is celebrated.)

Check out Clancy visiting the Signature Properties, LLC office in Washington, DC (my part-time job when I’m not doing FUNanimal Pet Services) below.  Do keep in mind, you should have your dog trained to be calm, quiet, and completely house-broken before they hang out with you all day in your workplace.  You want your pup to leave a lasting positive impression for more opportunities to bring your dog with you to places!  (If you need help training your dog to be well-behaved, contact me!)

059 067 068 069 IMG_7241 IMG_7243 IMG_7245 IMG_7246 IMG_7248 IMG_7257 IMG_7260 IMG_7263 IMG_7271 IMG_7277a

The Fluffy Dog Beer Delivery Service – starring Clancy, the Keeshond

6 Jun

How many of you would like your dog to deliver you a cold one this summer?

Contact FUNanimal Pet Services to help you get the training started!



Dog Tricks Tips and Clancy, the Trick Dog Champion video

2 May

Trick training is one of the best things you can do with your dog.  It stimulates their mind, builds a stronger bond between the two of you, and gives them a “job” to do (not to mention how much fun it is to hear the “oohs and ahhs” from spectators).  Trick training should always be a fun time with your dog!  You must never get frustrated (just quit that session if you start to feel any change in your demeanor) and always set realistic goals in a training session.  It does take patience, a lot of positive reinforcement and time.  However, before you know it, your dog will catch on and be happy to have learned something that pleases you.  Soon, I will write a full article on dog tricks, the benefits of training, some tips and more videos of other tricks that Clancy knows.  For now, enjoy seeing some of the things that your dog may be capable of!

I’d like to share with you the video I submitted as part of Clancy’s Trick Dog Champion   title application… I had to keep to a certain format for the application’s sake, so Clancy does have many more tricks up his furry sleeve!  Before you watch, please keep this in mind:

Clancy had to demonstrate in this lengthy video that he could perform the foundation of many dog tricks:  Coordination, Mouth Targets, Paw Targets, Finding the Scent (this section is kind of long because you had to do this multiple times in a row without being edited), Being able to work at a Distance from you, using only Silent cues, and then you finally get to the really fun tricks…  demonstrating a behavior Chain and Expert level Tricks (which some were also performed to demonstrate other categories of the application.)  I will eventually compose highlight videos of Clancy’s best tricks…  many of which didn’t fit in this trick dog champion title application video.  Check out our FUNanimal Twitter and/or Facebook page to be alerted when one is posted on YouTube!

While I am proud to brag that Clancy is the first titled “Trick Dog Champion” Keeshond (and was the first Intermediate, Advanced and Expert titled Kees 😉 ), I’d like to give a shout out to A*Starz Through the Looking Glass, aka “Allison”, for being the first ever titled Trick Dog (novice) Keeshond.  Thank you, Donna Stekli, for introducing me to the sport of dog tricks.  Congrats to the other titled Keeshond Trick Dogs out there and everyone that “does more with their dog”.

Keeshonden are super smart and may test your patience with their bad behavior they are capable of when they are bored…  teaching them tricks is the perfect way to stimulate them and to distract them while having FUN (Keesies are all about FUN!)

So please have fun watching (I hope to get some “oohs and ahhs” out of you) and check back here occasionally for more information and to see more videos and posts of Clancy’s tricks and other going on’s.  Please be sure to watch the last few minutes of the video for the best tricks.  Enjoy!

(I do offer trick training classes in my new pet services business, FUNanimal Pet Services, LLC.  If you’re interested and in the DC area, please let me know!  Clancy and I are also available to do trick shows…  so if you want to liven up your party, get-together, workplace or any event with the fluffiest, cutest (IMO), and smartest dog around, let me know!)


Rally for Rally Obedience! An Introduction to the FUN Sport of Dog Obedience

5 Apr

Clancy Rally trial ukcHeel. Sit. Stay. Come. “Boring…” may be what your dog is thinking as it mechanically completes the requested actions from their master. While an obedient dog is to be respected in the community, especially in competition, it may not be very fun for many dogs. Fortunately, there is an alternative (or just a fun extra dog sport to be involved in!)

It’s RALLY Obedience!  Watch Clancy and I in a Rally trial here:

What is Rally Obedience? Imagine being in the competition ring and being able to talk as much as you want to your dog, even in your puppy-wuppy voice if you wish! Pat your leg to encourage your dog to stay with you, repeat the commands to your dog if you need to and just be as silly as you want, to RALLY your dog as you follow a course of signs indicating what you’re supposed to do. It’s so much better than trying to remember an obedience course and listening to a judge telling you what you should do.  You can even say “re-do!” when you know you’ve messed up and want to re-do the station.


Rally should be fun and encouraging! Clancy and I working as a team in our first AKC Rally trial.

That’s what makes Rally Obedience fun and a great way to either start in or enhance your teamwork skills to improve in any dog sport. Rally is a relatively new dog sport focused on success in obedience in a more relaxed setting than regular Obedience. It is offered by various governing bodies. Clancy and I compete in both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club since that’s what’s offered in our area.

In Rally, there is a course composed of signed stations that tell you what to do. Your dog heels beside you as you approach the signs that range in telling you to turn in a specific direction, circle, or giving your dog a command or series of commands. Clancy loves that we can have fun together through the excitement of my voice and the encouragement in moving my arms. I enjoy the challenge of having to quickly read the signs and remember what they said… having to ensure I complete all parts of the station while being mindful of my positioning…  and being sure to sound upbeat and positive to keep Clancy motivated!

It’s also fun that any dog over 6 months of age is welcome to compete, you just need to register with the organization (mixed breed dogs can do this too!)IMG_6873

Rally course mapIn Rally trial competitions, you will be given a map of the course when you check in. Before your class level starts, you will have at least 10 minutes to be able to walk the course and should practice with an “imaginary dog”. (Your real dog should either be crated or held by someone outside of the ring at this time.)


You get to walk through the course before your competition level begins and ask the judge any questions!


The ring steward will call you “on deck” when you are next to enter the ring to be sure you are ready to approach the “Start” sign as the previous dog exits the ring.

A Rally exhibitor on deck to go in the ring next.

A Rally exhibitor on deck to go in the ring next.

When you approach the “Start” sign, you have your dog sitting (or standing) to your left in heel position. The judge will ask “Are you ready?” (now take a deep breath and make sure your dog is focused on you), and when you reply, “Yes”, they are able to start judging you and you can no longer touch your dog. The judge will say “Forward” and you then tell your dog to heel as you head to the first station. A timer begins as soon as you pass the “Start” sign.

In both the AKC and the UKC, you begin the course with the perfect score of 100 points. Points are deducted throughout the time you are in the ring anytime you and your dog are not exhibiting the ideal vision of a Rally run. These could include if your dog is lagging behind while heeling (though it is nice that unlike traditional Obedience, they aren’t looking for “perfect heel position”), not responding to a command or taking an excessive amount of time to obey your command, or handler errors such as having a tight lead, slowing to the dog’s pace, performing part or all of a station incorrectly, touching your dog, etc.

The judge is looking for you and your dog to walk briskly and most importantly, work together as a positive team. Harsh corrections (such as jerking the leash or yelling at your dog) will be severely penalized and may “NQ” you (Non-Qualify). Be sure to read and to understand the Rally regulations of the organization that you are competing in (they do vary slightly, along with the signs) AKC Rally Regulations and Description of Signs

AKC score sign

Scores are posted next to your armband number after your run. Times are not disclosed until after placements have been announced.

A qualifying score in the AKC and UKC is 70 points. At any point during the course your deductions put you lower than the 70 points qualifying score, you are then marked “NQ” and are excused from the ring. Sometimes, depending on the judge and how busy the schedule is, they may let you complete the course as a training opportunity. At the end of each Rally level, the judge will ask all those that received a qualifying score back into the ring to award them all a Qualifying Score ribbon, which also means you earned a “leg” towards that level’s Rally title. They will also award those that received their third “leg” a ribbon for receiving a new title. The judge will then announce the 1st place, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners based on the highest scores. IMG_7017


If there is a tied score, the tie is broken by whoever had the fastest time (which is the only reason they time you.) Only twice has time been a factor for Clancy and I… which is suspenseful because while you can see what everyone’s score is ahead of time, you don’t know the times and just have to wait to hear the placements from the judge.  If the judge isn’t too busy, you may approach them after the awards presentation for your class and ask them what stations did you lose points on so you know what you need to work on for next time.

Clancy and Stacie earn their AKC Rally Novice title and 1st place!

Clancy and Stacie earn their AKC Rally Novice title and 1st place!


Rally Obedience is a fun way to train your dog obedience and a variety of additional listening skills, for there are a large variety of exercises and many of them defy the set traditional Obedience exercises. Call front Rally signFor example, the “Call Front, Finish Left, Forward” exercise. While you are heeling, you tell your dog to “come front” where they walk past you and do a U-turn to sit directly in front of you. You then tell your dog to return to heel position by doing another U-turn on your left, HOWEVER, unlike traditional obedience where the dog should immediately sit on your left automatically, you start moving forward as soon as your dog clears your path before they had a chance to get into the heel position, which makes the dog have to catch up to you to heel by your side.

Some of the signs can be difficult to understand Double left about turn Rally sign which is why it’s always good to either take a Rally Obedience class or participate in “run-thru’s” which are often held by local dog training or kennel clubs (often you don’t even have to be a member, you just pay a fee to do a run-thru and instructors or knowledgeable volunteers will answer any questions you have and correct you if you make a mistake.)  Join Clancy and I for Rally Run-thrus!  Check out our FUNanimal Meet-up Group.

Stacie&ClancyRally8Rally sign for picWell, I could go on and on and on about Rally Obedience (and I will), but the goal of this article was to introduce you to this fast growing sport that serves not only as a wonderful foundation to get you ready to compete in other dog sports, but it is a fun way to train your dog to want to listen to you and strengthens your bond. I also find that Rally Obedience offers new challenges you don’t see in other dog sports. Having to focus on the signs and remember exactly what they said (it’s an entirely different experience in the competition ring… you and/or your dog may suddenly seem like you’ve never done it before… the sign says do a circle to your left and you circle to your right, or the dog doesn’t seem to remember what “sit” means).

Clancy tied for 1st place in Rally Advanced, however we had the slower time so we took the 2nd place honors.

Clancy tied for 1st place in Rally Advanced, however we had the slower time so we took the 2nd place honors.

Not to mention all the distractions you could encounter in the competition ring that you don’t see in practice runs or at home. Such as a wooly caterpillar crossing your path so your dog stops heeling to investigate and finds it more interesting than listening to you… (ahem, Clancy!) Or new smells draw your dog’s attention away from you, or loud noises, or just other dogs. That’s why it is best to practice random exercises during your travels with your dog. While you’re shopping at the pet store together, suddenly do a “come front, finish” exercise… while you’re taking a walk past a barking dog behind a fence, suddenly do a 360 degree turn while telling your dog to look at you instead of the barking dog.

Repetition, repetition, repetition in a variety of settings with a treat that you can give your dog quickly (and that they can consume quickly) as soon as you get the desired behavior from your dog, will eventually get you to where you want to be.  The more you do it, the better you’ll both get!  Do not give up on your dog!

Even spending just a couple minutes every day practicing a move or two will make you a better team!

Even spending just a couple minutes every day practicing a move or two will make you a better team!

Being owned by a Keeshond, I have learned you also need to share in the sense of humor they have. They are fun-loving dogs that want to please you, but also just want to have fun. Especially with emotional breeds such as the Keeshond, Rally Obedience is a wonderful way to increase your dog’s focus, your trust and bond, and enhance your training while meeting lots of great people!

(Live in the DC area? I have just started a Meet-up group through to practice Rally Obedience and traditional Obedience (with other fun dog stuff in the works).  Learn more at or on my business website:

Rally Obedience… Another way of being your dog’s best friend! ~ SSB

Clancy and I at RNC


P.S. Look for future blogs targeting the different levels of Rally Obedience.  ALSO, Coming Soon: I will share my experience of competing in the AKC Rally Nationals Competition in Harrisburg, PA with Clancy that was on Friday, March 28th!  Thanks for reading!

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