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Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Friday, June 26, 2015!

26 Jun

Clancy helping me at work

In honor of today being “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”, I am reposting my blog from last year on the topic.  Though my office building will no longer allow dogs to come in (my company does, but the big office building we’re in doesn’t), I did get to “bring my dog to work” yesterday during my dog walking appointment for my pet services business.  I do have a picture of my dog with me though and I encourage all dog owners to remember to ask next year if they could participate in National Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  If not, at least bring a picture of your furbaby to work to show off.  Just looking at a picture and talking about your dog offers many therapeutic results.  Enjoy!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Friday, June 20th.

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