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Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Friday, June 20th

19 Jun

It’s that time of year again when everyone in your workplace has an extra big smile and perhaps a little extra furry accessories on their work clothes.

The first Friday after Father’s Day is the annual “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”!   This year it’s Friday, June 20th.  How much joy a well-behaved dog brings to everyone they encounter in the workplace!  Also think about the fun your dog will have spending extra time with you on a “field trip”!

Check out for more information and details about this wonderful initiative to have your furry best friend spend a day at the office with you!  If you can’t bring your dog, at least bring a picture of him/her and place it at your workstation for the day.  Get people talking about how wonderful man’s best friend is which should brighten up the day even if your pet wasn’t there.  Then perhaps if enough people talk about it, next year your workplace will participate!  (It’s actually encouraged to bring you pet to work WEEK leading up to the Friday where the actual event is celebrated.)

Check out Clancy visiting the Signature Properties, LLC office in Washington, DC (my part-time job when I’m not doing FUNanimal Pet Services) below.  Do keep in mind, you should have your dog trained to be calm, quiet, and completely house-broken before they hang out with you all day in your workplace.  You want your pup to leave a lasting positive impression for more opportunities to bring your dog with you to places!  (If you need help training your dog to be well-behaved, contact me!)

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The Fluffy Dog Beer Delivery Service – starring Clancy, the Keeshond

6 Jun

How many of you would like your dog to deliver you a cold one this summer?

Contact FUNanimal Pet Services to help you get the training started!


How to teach your dog to “Sit Pretty” – Our first dog trick demo video!

2 Jun

Wow, what an incredible and productive two months that Clancy and I have had!  I have so much to write about, so stay tuned to Kees Of Dog’s Delight this summer!  For now, to keep my promise to the FUNanimal Pet Services Facebook fans, here is Clancy and I’s first dog trick training video demonstration.  This is how to teach your dog to sit up on their hind legs like a bunny…  often called the “sit pretty” or “beg” trick!  It’s a very cute trick that you can build on to do other fun and more complicated tricks.

Keep up the sharing (our blog and videos) and “Liking” (Like FUNanimal Pet Services on Facebook!) and following (follow FUNanimal on Twitter!)  For every 50 “Likes” we get on Facebook, Clancy and I will create another dog trick demo video.

Thank you to all of our fans and we look forward to helping you train your dog some fun things!

~ Be Your Dog’s Best Friend…  ~ SB

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