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Clancy’s Next Trick Video — You Choose! #FreeTheKees petition closing in on 15K signatures!

17 Aug

Keep spreading the word to help the turn over of neglected Keeshonden in Marjorie’s Kennel to Keeshond Rescue, for we are closing in on 15,000 signatures on the #FreeTheKees petition on  That means it’s time to start thinking about which of Clancy’s tricks to feature in his next trick video.

With so many tricks up Clancy’s furry sleeves (he knows well over 100 commands so far), it’s hard to decide which one(s) to show off next!  (I do already have something fun and unique planned when we reach 20,000 signatures.)  So, I’m going to let the Clancy fans decide!

Which trick would you like to see next???  Whichever trick below has the most votes on the day that the petition reaches 15,000 signatures, will be the next video we make and post!  You may vote once each day.  (P.S.  The “Other” field is for fun and to hear what ideas you might have.  No promises!)


Here’s the link to the primary YouTube channel to see videos of Clancy, including his “Playing the Bongos with Piano Encore” video which was posted to celebrate 10,000 signatures.  Here’s another link to our original YouTube channel that features other Clancy videos, such as his dock diving videos.  (Oh, by the way!  Clancy completed his NADD/AKC Dock Diving title in the Junior division last weekend!  More on that, soon!)

Clancy giving piano lessons at a local event

Clancy giving piano lessons at a local event

Clancy achieved his North America Diving Dogs title in the Junior Division!

Clancy achieved his North America Diving Dogs title in the Junior Division!


Clancy plays the Bongos! (with a piano encore!) – 10K Signatures reached to #FreeTheKees

3 Aug

Finally, what you have been waiting for…  it’s Clancy playing the Bongos with a finale of him playing both the bongos and the “piano”!  This is just the beginning of what we have in store for everyone!  When we have time, OR when the #FreeTheKees petition on reaches 15,000 signatures, we will post a new trick video!  Once 20,000 signatures have been reached, you’ll get to see Clancy do something really unique and cool!  (Hint, this video is a preview of what’s to come!)

We have surpassed 10,000 signatures on the petition to help put an end to the suffering of the Keeshonden at Marjorie’s Kennel, a large puppy mill in upstate New York, who had promised to turn over her dogs to Keeshond rescue, and now is going back on that promise to continue to breed her unhealthy and neglected dogs.  Thank you to everyone that have already signed.  As promised, here is that video of Clancy playing the bongos in return for the petition reaching 10,000 signatures!  Keep spreading the word!  Clancy wants to keep showing off his tricks!

PLEASE do not support puppy mills by purchasing a puppy from a pet store or unknown person from the Internet…  you will be dooming that puppy’s parents to a horrible life.  Either adopt, rescue, foster OR buy from a reputable breeder.  Please do your research before taking that cute puppy home.  You will be happier and the poor dogs suffering at places like Marjorie’s Kennel will be happier that there may be a day that puppy mills are put out of business.

Interested in trick training or booking Clancy for a trick show?  Contact us at FUNanimal Pet Services!  Thanks!

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