31 Jul

Enjoying your summer?  Take your vacation yet?  I’m working on a blog post about taking a road trip with you dog and need a couple more days to decide which of the hundreds of pictures I have should be included with it.  For now, enjoy a few pics of Clancy celebrating 4th of July!

Clancy 4th of July 1.jpg

Clancy 4th of July 4


A Toast to 2015 and to 2016! Clancy and I wish you Happy New Year!

31 Dec

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!  We hope that you had some fun this past year with your dog(s) and pledge to keep having fun with ’em next year, too!


As you may already know from reading our blog throughout the year, Clancy and I had a fun and successful 2015, and look forward to the adventures that 2016 brings.

Keep being your dog’s best friend!  ~ SSB

And Please Remember…  a dog’s life is too short…  try to do something memorable with them this coming year.  Happy New Year!

Clancy Xmas 2

We hope that Santa Paws treated everyone well and all enjoyed the holidays!  All Our Best, Clancy and his “mom”, Stacie


Clancy wishes everyone a Happy and safe HOWLoween!!!

31 Oct

Here’s a couple of fun Halloween-oriented pics which offer a preview of the theme of our next couple of blog posts.


Paging “Dr. Clancy”… Potty break is over, time to get back to work cheering up patients!

Trick FOR A Treat! Clancy will gladly exchange doing a trick for a treat!

Trick FOR A Treat! Clancy will gladly exchange doing a trick for a treat!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  Remember to keep the chocolate out of reach of the pets.

Be your dog’s best friend!  ~ SSB


Kees Of Dog’s Delight wishes you and your Fur-Family a Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Kees Of Dog's Delight wishes you and your Fur-Family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Pawsing for a minute to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Howl-oween!!!

31 Oct

Happy Howl-oween!!!

Clancy wishes all of his fans a Happy “Howl-oween”!!!

New blog post about Rally Obedience is almost finished! Check back here soon to learn how you and your dog can share in a fun learning experience together!

— UPDATE —  AHHH!!!  The laptop that has my Rally videos and pictures is on the fritz.  Hoping to get it fixed soon so I can get my new blog post up here asap.


Falling Behind

30 Sep

Falling Behind

And I thought August was a busy month! How is it the last day of September already?!?

Oh, how Clancy and I love the Fall. With cooler temperatures enticing us to spend more time outdoors, dog shows, Rally trials, dog clubs, and yada yada yada… I have “fall”en behind with my September blog post.

New blog will be posted in the near future!


Dog Days of Summer are here… new post coming soon!

30 Jun

Dog Days of Summer are here...  new post coming soon!

“It’s getting hot in here… so hot… so take off all your…” fur? There are many dogs that are getting their summer hair cut out there. Not Clancy… for in general, you shouldn’t shave a Keeshond. So how do you have summer fun with a Kees or ANY type of dog this time of year? You’ll see in my next blog post coming soon! 🙂 (Okay, so this pic is a major hint!)

Have a great Independence Day!


Get a Caricature of your Dog! Great Gift Idea ALERT!

29 Apr

During a recent humane society fundraiser event, I got this caricature done of Clancy! They had hired a professional caricature artist and it was well worth the $30 donation to the local humane society to have this adorable piece of art forever in my life.

Clancy was a superb model, sitting still for the 15 minutes it took for the artist to create it. I had no idea what he was drawing, for I was sitting in front of the easel with Clancy… I just mentioned a little about the history of the keeshond breed and how Clancy enjoys “dock diving”.

Get a Caricature of your Dog!

He captured the keesie smile quite well along with his mischieveous “sideways glance” that he often gives.

With the convenience of the Internet, you can easily do a search for a caricature artist in your area to have a portrait of your dog to cherish forever!

There’s lots of events going on with Spring in full swing! Clancy and I’s weekends are full of activities for the foreseeable future and we hope that you are on the lookout for fun outings to enjoy with your dog!

We’ll be back soon!


Be on the lookout! A new post coming soon!

19 Mar

With the wind blowing his fur back, Clancy can't wait to see where he is going to next!

With the wind blowing his fur back, Clancy can’t wait to see where he is going to next!

Clancy loves going out and about!
A new post on how to delight your dog by going out and about is in development.


Winter break is over! Check back late this week for more ways to delight your dog!

25 Feb

Just need to put the finishing touches on my blog on Advice to Enjoy the Dog Park which will be published later this week or early next week!

Pictured here, Clancy is taking a break from playing in the snow in Michigan.



WINTER BREAK! A new blog post is on it’s way!

22 Feb

A new blog post on more fun to have with your dog is nearly finished. In the meantime, please read how you can show your neutered or spayed dog in conformation events in my previous post. Please visit again soon!

The windy freezing cold doesn't phase my young keeshond, Clancy.  He's enjoying playing with some driftwood on a frozen lake in Michigan.

The windy freezing cold doesn’t phase my young keeshond, Clancy. He’s enjoying playing with some driftwood on a frozen lake in Michigan.

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