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Hello! Do you remember Kees Of Dog’s Delight?

22 Aug

Hello…  it’s me!  I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…Clancy waving.jpg

Yes, I’m ashamed I have let a year and a half go by since I’ve updated my blog that Clancy motivated me to start years and years and years ago.  As always, Clancy and I have been busy getting out there and having fun in between my work to pay the bills for us to be able to do all that we do, and have a roof over our heads.

I don’t even know where to begin to catch up on things…  and I’m not even going to attempt to try to start remembering the sequence of events from last February to now.  So, when I can, I will just post something interesting that has happened or something that I hope motivates all you dog lovers to do something a little special with your fur-kids.

There is one big piece of news, well, two big pieces of news to bring you up to speed on.  Clancy is no longer an “only child”.  He shares his fun life with two “little brothers”!  Again, long stories for another time, but we will soon formally introduce “Silver” (a rescued Kees, about 3 years old now) and “Monty” (my first show puppy, now about 18 months old).  They are all good friends and though Clancy still definitely values his “one-on-one” time with me, he enjoys the company of his Keeshond companions.

Here’s a pic of the “three amigos” in early June 2018 after attending (and earning many ribbons, placements and accomplishments) at the 2018 Keeshond Club of America National Specialty show in Lawrence, Kansas.

My fluffy boys ribbons with names.jpg

I do have some other pressing things I have to tend to, (as Monty is jumping up on me saying get off the computer, let’s play tug!)…  but we just wanted to let you know that we haven’t abandoned Kees of Dog’s Delight….  in fact, we now have multiple Kees and lots of delight to share with the world soon!  Please feel free to check in on Clancy on his Facebook page (which we update often) @ClancyFluffyDogTricks and get your daily dose of Clancy cuteness on his Instagram account:  @ClancyFluffyTrickDog and I just started an Instagram account for Monty, too!:  @MontyKeeshond 

Dog Days of Summer FUN and Tips for Your Keeshond or Other Cold-Weather Breeds

1 Aug
Clancy is looking forward to cooling off in the lake.

Clancy is looking forward to cooling off in the lake.

Okay, it’s hot for us 98 degree F blooded humans this time of year…  now imagine being a 101 degree F blooded canine and having a fur coat…  and if you’re a Keeshond, having a double fur coat on!

For many dogs, including the Kees, it’s not a favorite time of year (nor mine…  I much prefer the cold over the heat.)  Clancy hardly even wants to go outside to do his business…  Funny how many times he barks to go out when it’s below 60 degrees outside and how little he seems to need to relieve himself when it’s above 85 degrees out.

A dog shouldn’t be cooped up inside all summer long though…  (and they certainly shouldn’t live their lives outdoors either!)  There are some things you can do to make life more enjoyable for your furry friend during these dog days of summer and have a little fun together.

Clancy is always first in the water.

Clancy is always first in the water.

Clancy entices a Keesie friend to jump in to cool off, too!

Clancy entices a Keesie friend to jump in to cool off, too!

  • Fill a baby pool up in the backyard and go splashing around with your pup.  C’mon, make-believe that you’re 5 years old again and sit in the center of the pool…  pat the water and encourage your dog to hop in.  If they’re hesitant or don’t seem to like water, start off with an empty pool and let them get used to it.  Make it a game to hop in and out of the empty pool.  Eventually add just a little bit of water and gradually work your way to a full pool.  Make up fun games such as bobbing for hot dog pieces.  Be sure to empty it when you’re through and not leave a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Don’t have a baby pool?  How about just laying out a tarp and have a running hose on it for your dog to roll around or a soaked towel just to stand on?  Dogs sweat through the pads of their feet so it feels good for them to stand in/on something cool.  I know Clancy is hot when he digs in the water dish splashing water all around…  then he just stands in it.

    Clancy in a dock diving competition.

    Clancy in a dock diving competition.

  • Our fun summer dog sport is dock diving (many of you know this already)!  As I mentioned in a previous post on dock diving (I hope to add a second post about the topic in the near future), practically ANY dog can learn how to participate.
    Clancy loves jumping off docks for fun!  Try it yourself at the amazing 24 acre Orion Oaks Dog Park in Lake Orion, Michigan, which offers a large dock with ramps into a lake for the dogs.

    Clancy loves jumping off docks for fun! Try it yourself at the amazing 24 acre Orion Oaks Dog Park in Lake Orion, Michigan, which offers a large dock with ramps into a lake for the dogs.

    There’s even a new offering of various water sports games for your dog.

    One of Clancy's first swims at 9 weeks old

    One of Clancy’s first swims at 9 weeks old

    Many dock diving facilities offer lessons and it’s a great way to have summer fun with your dog.

    6 month old Clancy retrieving a stick

    6 month old Clancy retrieving a stick

    If there is a dock diving competition happening near you, they usually allow you to give it a try during their practice hours.  Usually mornings and Sundays have less competitors trying to practice, so you may end up getting extra pool time. Of course all you really need is a body of water and a dock.

  • Look for fun dog water activities in your area or just enjoy a game of fetch at a dog friendly pool or the beach.
    Clancy cooling off with other dogs at a pet fundraiser.

    Clancy cooling off with other dogs at a pet fundraiser.

    There are often fun dog events and fundraisers that non-profit organizations or clubs put on throughout the summer.  For example, Clancy looks forward to the SPCA Puppy Plunge each August, a fun and wet dog fundraiser event at a local YMCA summer camp on the river.   Below is a video of Clancy enjoying the event last year where we helped to raise over $200 in pledges for that local SPCA. 

Search online for events in your area or check with your local humane society. 675 There are also often “end of summer dog pool days” or “dog waterpark days”

Doggie pool party!

Doggie pool party!

at many local community pools and waterparks on their final days before closing for the season.

Clancy enjoying the dog days of summer in style.

Clancy enjoying the dog days of summer in style.

Be sure to rinse out the chlorine or river water off of your dog when you’re finished.

Little puppy Clancy keeping cool at his first hockey game.

Little puppy Clancy keeping cool at his first hockey game.

  • Take your dog to a summer ice hockey game at the local ice rink (if allowed.)  Often there are recreational late night games and many ice rinks don’t mind you bringing your well-behaved dog in with you to watch the game.  Dogs will likely enjoy climbing the mountains of snow the Zamboni dumps behind the building, too.
    Young Clancy trying to be like his goalie

    Young Clancy trying to be like his goalie “dad”.

    Clancy became the “unofficial mascot” for my husband’s hockey team since he never missed a chance tagging along to the cool confines of the ice rink.

  • Take field trips to air conditioned places…  dogs love to go anywhere with you, so just load them up and take them to a pet supplies store or a family member’s home just because…
  • Physically and mentally exercise your dog inside in the air conditioning.  Teach your dog a new trick or build on manners and obedience skills by requiring them to wait longer to be released, etc.  Use interactive toys, a treat dispensing toy, puzzle toys, drag toys on a rope or use a laser to get them moving.  Buy a dog treadmill.  You can sometimes find a deal on Craigslist.  Clancy walks on his treadmill indoors in the AC and with a fan blowing on him.  He definitely prefers this over taking walks in the 90+ degree summer heat.  Watch the video below of Clancy and his treadmill tips.

Some Summer Common-sense:

I likely don’t have to tell you these known facts because you probably already know, but just in case: IMG_3800_1

  • Be sure to bring plenty of cool water for your dog when you are spending time outside in hot weather and offer it to your dog often.
  • Be aware of the pavement temperatures…  if it is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot on your dog’s feet, too! dogs-hot-asphalt-chart Walk them early in the morning, choose the shady side of the street, walk them in the grass, carry them over hot asphalt if possible or have them wear doggie booties if they will be walking on hot pavement.
  • NEVER leave your dog in a car, even with the windows open.  Try sitting in a car on a summer day with the windows just cracked and see how long you last before you can’t take it anymore…  it’s literally just seconds. IMG_5114
  • Provide shade with a canopy, umbrella, or something that your dog can use to get out of the sun when you’re at a picnic or other event.  Dogs can get sunburnt too, not to mention how much hotter it is to be in the sun versus the shade.
  • Bring a couple of powerful battery operated fans to blow on your dog.

    Clancy keeping cool by being wet, laying in a ventilated beach tent with a portable fan.

    Clancy keeping cool by being wet, laying in a ventilated beach tent with a portable fan and his water.

  • You may want to try cooling mats/beds and or cooling jackets.  I personally haven’t had success with these on my Keeshond, but they may be good for other dogs.
  • Know the signs of heat stress.

    Clancy, like all Kees, have a beautiful double coat.  When it's hot, should you shave a Keeshond?  No. No. No.  Use the tips in this blog post to make your dog comfortable.

    Clancy, like all Kees, have a beautiful double coat. When it’s hot, should you shave a Keeshond? No. No. No. Use the tips in this blog post to make your dog comfortable.

  • Keep your dog properly groomed, especially if it is a double-coated breed, such as the Keeshond.  Line-brushing your Kees to ensure the fur is combed through all the way to the skin will allow air to circulate keeping your Kees comfortable.  Please see my comments below about shaving Keeshonden.

Finally, I know this may be a controversial subject for some, but as much as you think you are doing a favor by shaving them, please do not shave your double-coated breed, particularly the Keeshond.

During the summer, the 2nd most common question I’m asked when I’m out with Clancy (first most common is always “What kind of dog IS that?!”) is “aren’t you going to shave him?”  Well, I’m sure the inquirer is expecting a yes or no answer, most likely a yes answer.  However, I feel I have to accompany an explanation with my answer of “no”.

Clancy prefers the air conditioning vent over his bed during the summer...  the cat is happy about that!

Clancy prefers the air conditioning vent over his bed during the summer… the cat is happy about that!

I explain how the double coat insulates him from the cold AND the heat, how fair their skin is and how easily they would get sun-burnt and their coat would not grow back the same way it’s meant to be.   Just brush your Kees a little more regularly during the hot months to encourage air flow and your Kees will be fine, especially with the tips I listed above.

This has always been Clancy's favorite way to cool down.  What's your dog's fave way to beat the heat?

This has always been Clancy’s favorite way to cool down. What’s your dog’s fave way to beat the heat?

Please feel free to share your own suggestions on having fun with your dog when it’s hot and enjoy the rest of summer with your pup!

“Be your dog’s best friend!” ~ SSB

www.KeesRescue.com Petition Reaches 15K Signatures! Clancy’s new trick video will be…

26 Sep

Woohoo!  We have reached the next milestone to #FreeTheKees with 15,000 signatures on the petition to Governor Cuomo of New York that tells him to Enforce Charlemagne’s Law and to shut down Marjorie’s Kennel in Harpursville, NY for being in clear violation of the law.

What does that mean?  Most importantly it means that at least 15,000 people are aware of the neglected Keeshonden in Marjorie’s Kennel and that it’s only a matter of time before those that have the power to shut her down cannot continue to ignore our voices.  We will not stand down until the 50+ remaining Keeshonden in her possession are allowed to be rescued and placed in the loving homes that are waiting for them!

Secondly, that means that it’s time for my beloved Keeshond, Clancy, to perform one of his fun and PAWesome trick routines for everyone to see on YouTube!  Recently, due to this mission, we were featured on the front page of two versions of the Gazette and the Local Living section of the Washington Post!  Check out the article here:  Gazette.net- Dog Lends Talent to End Poor Canine Conditions

You voted for it!  In our last blog post, we asked you which trick routine you wanted to see Clancy do next to celebrate 15,000 signatures on the www.KeesRescue.com petition.  Earning 50% of the the votes, you will soon see…

Clancy “SneaKEEily steals checkbook and goes shopping” dog trick video!
Check back here soon!  (and of course we will announce the video release, too!)  Please also keep spreading the word to sign the petition, write Governor Cuomo or the New York State Department of Agriculture…  let’s keep the momentum going and when we reach 20,000 signatures, we already have a very fun and awesome dog trick routine ready to share!
Cool Clancy with his Bongos and "Piano"...  did you see the "Fluffy Dog Plays Bongos" video yet on YouTube?  If not, click here!

Cool Clancy with his Bongos and “Piano”… did you see the “Fluffy Dog Plays Bongos” video yet on YouTube? If not, click here!

Let’s Reach 10,000 Signatures and See Clancy Play the Bongos!

24 Jul

Wanna see a unique and cute dog trick video?? Help the petition to Enforce Charlemagne’s Law and Free the Keeshonds from Marjorie’s Kennel in New York reach 10,000 signatures and we will post the video of Clancy playing the Bongos!!!Clancy playing Bongos

Go here to sign & please share!!!


Please read about the #FreeTheKees movement to rescue 40+ dogs that are secluded, kept outside in all weather conditions, have parasites and congenital diseases and are being kept only as “breeding machines” to produce puppies that inherit many of their poor imprisoned parents problems.  The Keeshond community have the funds, means, and people to rescue all the remaining dogs and house them.  Learn more from my previous blog post (and see Clancy’s “whine” trick!) and you will find all the details on www.KeesRescue.com.

Please use the hash tag #FreeTheKees on any pet related post you make on Twitter, FaceBook or any other social media.  Thank you for anything you can do to help expose Marjorie’s Kennel and the oversights of the New York Department of Agriculture Inspectors.

Here are images of "Sapphire", originally known as "Frances", who was one of the lucky Keeshonden rescued from Marjorie's Kennel early this year and now lives with a loving family!

Here are images of “Sapphire”, originally known as “Frances”, who was one of the lucky Keeshonden rescued from Marjorie’s Kennel early this year and now lives with a loving family!

Please Cheer Clancy Up… Shut Down Marjorie’s Kennel Puppy Mill #FreeTheKees

12 Jul

Clancy displaying how sad he feels for the poor dogs suffering in Marjorie’s Kennel and other Puppy Mills:


Hi everyone, Clancy and I are asking a favor of every animal lover out there…  just a moment of your time which could change the lives of dozens and dozens of Clancy’s kind.  It’s the #FreeTheKees movement to rescue the 40+ remaining Keeshonden from Marjorie’s Kennel, a large and disgusting Puppy Mill, in Harpursville, NY.

The Kees there are trapped in small crowded cages and do not get any socialization, or any kind of care beyond a meal… they are matted with parasites and with their own urine and feces.  These poor dogs live in the extreme heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter and only exist to be “breeding machines”.  Please take a moment to read about the Keeshond communities efforts to free these dogs and give them a life they deserve by visiting www.KeesRescue.com.   There you will also find ways you can help the cause such as the contact information for the Governor of New York and other state officials.  At the very least, please sign this petition to convince Governor Cuomo to force this Puppy Mill to shut down by enforcing Charlemagne’s Law, which imposes higher living standards of animals owned by licensed pet dealers.  Marjorie Ingraham is in violation of this law.  With her attempts to comply by reducing the amount of dogs she had (200+ !!!) and with thoughts of just retiring and getting rid of all of her dogs, many of Marjorie’s Kees were sadly euthanized due to their exceedingly poor condition.  Some were sent to auction to continue to live horrible lives in other Puppy Mills.  She had agreed to give up the rest of her Keeshonden to Keeshond Rescue.  In late 2013, early 2014, a group of dedicated Keeshond rescuers saved and found foster homes for the 60 Kees they were able to pull out of Marjorie’s Kennel, which many have already been adopted.  Now she is refusing to let her 40 + remaining Keeshonden go to Keeshond Rescue as she had promised.  Here is an inspiring video from the rescue efforts of Marjorie’s Kennel from this past winter. 

I have personally met a few of the Kees that were saved earlier this year from Marjorie’s Kennel, including Sapphire, the one that you see in the petition’s picture.  It just broke my heart to see how scared and in poor condition they were. However, now they are transforming into the wonderful breed that they are… in their loving new homes, they have their beautiful coat and are happy and learning to trust people.  Here is the story of one of those Keeshonden, just a puppy, rescued from Marjorie’s Kennel… 

PLEASE sign this petition and even send a letter if you can to ‪#‎FreeTheKees‬.  Keep updated on the progress and see more before and after pictures on Facebook through the “Free the Kees” Community Page.

Fax, email, or mail a letter to Governer Cuomo:

Governor Cuomo’s Contact Information:
Fax: 518.474.1513 (may be the best method because it’s the most direct)
Email: gov.cuomo@chamber.state.ny.us
Mail: The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor, State of New York
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224 

Clancy and all Kees everywhere would appreciate your efforts to help their kind.   We thank you for anything you do to help put a stop to Puppy Mills.  If you are looking for a Keeshond puppy or any kind of dog, please read my article on “Where to Find Your New Best Friend” (at the bottom of the August 2013 blog post in that link).

I do hope you take a moment to read about a movement that is near and dear to Clancy and I’s heart. Clancy would give you a high five and many Keesie kisses!  021

Looking for a Last-minute Gift for the Keeshond Lover in your Life? (The NY Puppy Mill Keeshond Rescue)

23 Dec

Looking for the perfect last minute gift for the Keeshond lover in your life?

If you know somebody that has ever had a Keeshond, then you have likely heard all about how wonderful of a dog they had.  Keeshond lovers are passionate about their breed and know how sensitive, loyal, loving, intelligent, sweet, (and I could go on and on with more adjectives to describe the Kees) of a dog they are.  To know the Keeshond, is to love the Keeshond.  Which is why the following gift idea could mean more than any other gift you could give this holiday season!

Currently, there is a large-scale effort to rescue numerous Keeshonden from a large-volume puppy mill that is closing down in New York.  (Read more about What is a Puppy Mill?)   Puppy mill life is deplorable, especially for the “Velcro Dog”, aka our Keeshond.  The bills for such a rescue effort are enormous.  In order for all of the 100+ puppy mill Kees to enjoy a new life, there will be transportation costs, spay/neuter costs, other various veterinary bills and miscellaneous expenses.  Every dollar donated helps to make this massive Kees rescue successful.   Please consider making a donation of any dollar amount in the name of the Keeshond lover in your life to Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden (aka “BARK,” a non-profit 501c organization…  so your donations would be tax-deductible), whom is collecting and organizing all donations for this project.  (Remember to check with your employer to see if they will match your donation!)  Donation information is in this video (which is a nice tribute to the rescue efforts underway) and again at the bottom of this post.



After you make a donation to BARK for this NY puppy mill rescue effort, e-mail me either a snapshot of your PayPal receipt (leaving out any personal data) or of your check (conceal your account information) and I will e-mail you this Certificate of Appreciation for your donation for you to print out to give as a gift for the Kees lover in your life.

Give a Kees lover a heartwarming gift of helping to give the NY puppy mill Keeshonden a new life!

Give a Kees lover a heartwarming gift of helping to give the NY puppy mill Keeshonden a new life!

Please provide the gift recipient’s name, your name to be placed on the certificate and if you prefer, a clear picture of your special Kees to replace the picture of Clancy on it.  Also, please indicate if you would like the donation amount on the certificate or have it just read “a donation”.  (See form at the bottom of this post.)

The puppy mill closure is a  huge victory for not only the current 100+ Keeshonden who have known no love, no exercise, no grooming, no human socialization or any idea how fun it is to be the “Smiling Dutchman”, but also for what would have been more generations of the same misery for many of their offspring.   This massive Kees rescue underway is to save, care for, and place these puppy mill Keeshonden in homes, even if they are just temporary homes for now.  After some rehabilitation, they will get to know what it’s like to be a true Keeshond and that helps heal the Keeshond lover’s heartbreak of the sad situation that they, and their ancestors, used to be in.

To help this cause:

Donate via PayPal: the email address is paypal@keeshondrescue.org or use the PayPal button on the home page for this huge rescue effort:   www.keeshondrescue.orgPlease indicate that your donation is for the NY Puppymill Dogs!
BARK is a 501c3 charity.  Donations are tax-deductible. Their EIN number is 41-2049201.  Send checks to:
BARK   – (NY Puppymill Rescue)
PO Box 375
Los Altos, CA   94023

Other ways to help:

AUCTION to raise money for the NY Puppymill Kees details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nykeesrescue/permalink/630432440332005/
Needed supplies through AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/5YJLSJ1EWEW5/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_gln

Help transport, foster or adopt!  For more information, visit:  http://www.keesrescue.com/#!get-involved/cihc


On behalf of all Keeshond lovers and these poor Keeshonden needing rescue…  Clancy and I THANK YOU!  and wish you the Happiest of Holidays!

Clancy holiday card

Dock Diving with “The Flying Fluff-ball” (and your dog can do it too!) Part 1

30 Jul
Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving competitions...   On left:  Clancy waiting his turn to dock dive at "The Andersons" in Ohio. On right:  Clancy dock diving at Maryland Dogfest.

Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving competitions…
On left: Clancy waiting his turn to dock dive at “The Andersons” in Ohio.
On right: Clancy dock diving at Maryland Dogfest.

“Here is a treat that you never see in the sport of dock diving… a Keeshond!” exclaimed Milt Wilcox, the founder of Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving, to the audience as I lead Clancy onto the dock platform leading to the approximately 40 foot long pool.

Clancy watching a Lab jump in the Extreme Vertical dock jumping competition

Clancy watching a Lab jump in the Extreme Vertical dock jumping competition

While you will see a lot of Labs and lately the Belgian Malinois dominating the dog dock diving sports, the dynamics of the professional dock diving leagues encourages any water loving dog to join in the fun. Every kind of dog has a chance to not only enjoy just participating in the sport, but also there is ample opportunity to actually compete for recognition and prizes (in some cases), because of the jumping distance divisions. This allows Sheepdogs, Dachshunds, Great Danes and even the Yorkie to enjoy the cheers of an audience as they fly weightless through the air before submerging themselves in a cool body of water.

Two years ago, while cleaning up the spilled water around Clancy’s water bowl, I questioned myself “why did I choose the puppy that was digging the water out of the water dish?” (Which when given the opportunity, he still does to this day!) Perhaps it was a sign of destiny. Just one week after bringing our new Keeshond puppy home, we headed to the lake house my husband grew up at in Michigan. Our 9 week old Kees puppy took to the lake immediately and he went for his first swim.

Clancy has always loved the water...  any dog who who enjoys the water can enjoy dock diving!

Clancy has always loved the water… any dog who who enjoys the water can enjoy dock diving!

At nearly 6 months old, Clancy loved swimming and retrieving, but couldn't be convinced to jump off of the dock yet.

At nearly 6 months old, Clancy loved swimming and retrieving, but couldn’t be convinced to jump off of the dock yet.

Several months later, we vacationed on another lake and Clancy immediately was eager to get in the water. We did get him a life jacket to give him more stamina in the water. All that fur can weigh a Kees down! We tried to encourage him to jump off the dock into the water, but instead he would run back to shore and then swim out to retrieve his stick.

The following summer, we returned to my mother-in-law’s lake house in Michigan and wanted to see if we could get Clancy to jump off the dock into the lake. We ran down the dock with Clancy at our feet and jumped in ourselves. Clancy put on the brakes and bowed at the end of the dock, barking ecstatically at us in the water just ahead of him. I slapped the water and encouraged him to jump in. The “Velcro dog’s” (one of a few nick-names for a Keeshond) desire to re-attach himself to us took over, so Clancy stopped barking and took the leap of faith!

One of Clancy's first dock jumps....  July 2012

One of Clancy’s first dock jumps…. July 2012

As I talked about our vacation to a local dog lover, they encouraged me to try the sport of dock diving and told me about a facility that had the regulation size dock and pool that had open practices not too far from where we lived. Just for fun, I headed there with Clancy, not even considering competition. After all, I thought a Keeshond could never be in the same league as the Labs, Retrievers and other “sporting dogs”. Well, Clancy didn’t know he was a “non-sporting” breed and leapt off the dock with just as much enthusiasm!

As Keeshond owners know, we get all kinds of attention when we’re out in public with our unique smiling fluff-balls. Seeing a Keeshond take part in dock diving makes everyone do a double-take! “That fluffy dog can’t swim, can it?” Yes, he can swim very well! “You can’t let that coat get wet, it will take days to dry!” Actually, it dries quite quickly and as long as you groom him before getting wet, it’s not difficult to turn him back into a big fluff-ball. Everyone enjoys seeing the transformation of the dry Kees versus the wet Kees too! It’s almost like one dog goes in and a different dog climbs out… with gallons of water pouring off the coat. Probably the biggest workout of it all for Clancy is the climb out of the pool with his saturated coat adding all that extra weight.

Clancy's  transformation of being a  dry Keeshond to wet to mostly dry again in less than a half hour!

Clancy’s transformation of being a dry Keeshond to wet to mostly dry again in less than a half hour!

Socializing with the dock dog enthusiasts, they encouraged me to compete with Clancy. I learned there are a few different dock diving organizations in the United States which are Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD) (www.ultimateairdogs.com), Dock Dogs (www.dockdogs.com) and Splash Dogs (www.splashdogs.com). While there are some differences in the rules and other logistics, they all offer multiple divisions in order to allow dogs to be competitive at the level they jump. This encourages any dog to be able to participate. For the “Novice level” jumpers range from 1″ (yes, I said one inch!) to 9’11”, “Junior division” jumpers are in the 10′ to 14’11” range, “Senior division” is from 15′ to 19’11” and so on. There’s even a “lap dog” league for the small dogs to not get their egos hurt, though some of those lil’ guys can fly! The top 5 dogs from each division at the end of each weekend event then get to compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in a divisional finals. Clancy recently won 2nd place in the Junior division at the Ultimate Air Dogs Maryland Dogfest event!

During the Maryland Dogfest event a few weeks ago, Clancy was acknowledged by the owners of Ultimate Air Dogs for having the longest jump on record for a Keeshond, at 12 feet and 10 inches! While there have only been a sprinkling of Keeshond appearances in the professional dock diving world, it is still a fun record to have!

Another fun recognition feature offered in professional dock diving are titles. There are varying qualifications within the different dock diving entities, but a benefit of competing for titles in UAD is if you are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), then you also earn titles and points towards dock diving championships in the UKC. Clancy just earned his Ultimate Air Dogs and United Kennel Club Junior Division dock diving title in July 2013 in Maumee, Ohio. (Someone actually caught Clancy on video jumping over 12 feet and put it on YouTube!) UAD founder/owner (and ex-Detroit Tiger’s World Series winning pitcher), Milt Wilcox, confirmed that Clancy is the first Keeshond to get a dock diving title with UAD! (He’s the judge and emcee in these UAD videos too!)

On a future blog post, I will dive a little deeper (pun not intended, but it is funny) into comparing the different dock diving organizations and will offer some insight on how you can give your pup the opportunity to fly!  If you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy the warm weather with your dog, or perhaps a little out of the ordinary competition, consider dock diving with your fur-pal. If you have a Kees or other long-haired breed, just be prepared for at least a 6 foot splash and shake zone!

Dock diving – Another fun thing for Best Friends to do together! Be your dog’s Best Friend! ~ SSB

Clancy, "The Flying Fluff-ball"!!!

Clancy, “The Flying Fluff-ball”!!!

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