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Closing up February, Opening up to March

28 Feb

My Keeshond, Clancy, loves a challenge.  “Silly humans”, he thinks to himself, “you think this child/pet gate will prevent me from going where I want to?”

Since I wanted to have some sort of post in February, I thought I would share this fun (well, not so fun when I really want the gate to restrain Clancy) video and slideshow of how Clancy feels about not being able to be where he wants to be (and that’s either with me or eating cat food.)

Please forgive me, I’m going to be a little late publishing a “real post” for February (hey, it’s a short month!)  I did finally get my photos off of my old laptop and can now finish up my article on Rally Obedience, so look forward to that in the coming weeks!  Clancy and I actually qualified and are entered into the 2014 AKC Rally Nationals coming up at the end of March.  Prior to that, we’re hoping to get our 3rd leg to get our Rally Advanced title in York, Pennsylvania.  We’re also entered into Obedience Novice in York to try to get our 2nd leg of our Companion Dog title.

Another fun March event we will be doing is the Maryland Dog Fest, where Clancy is entered into the Dog’s Got Talent show!  I know I haven’t showed off how truly talented he is yet on here, but I promise to post videos soon of his large variety of tricks, many of which are very unique!

Here’s a sneak preview:

Clancy bongos 12.13

In the meantime, could you help vote Clancy as the “Cutest Dog of Maryland DogFest”?  (Because you know he likely will be, but the dog with the most Facebook votes wins the title!)  Just go to this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maryland-DogFest/369879699699485?sk=app_292725327421649&app_data (you’ll have to “like” Maryland DogFest’s page…  which is likeable!) and then go to “Photos”.  Look for Clancy’s pic of him when he was a 5 month old puppy in his life jacket…  the pic is titled “Ready for Summer & swimming!”.  Thanks so much!

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