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Fluffy Dog Basketball Dog Trick – 6 days til Keeshond fun!

7 Jun

One of Clancy’s most favorite tricks is playing basketball.  This one always gets a great reaction on our therapy dog visits and stage acts.

Come watch him play basketball yourself at the Keeshond Karnival and Symposium on Saturday, June 13!  Get the details here:  KCDV Keeshond Karnival and Educational Symposium 

Each day leading up to the event, visit our blog to see one of Clancy’s tricks!  (P.S.  Yes, I reposted this dog trick video that was created over a year ago.  The day got away from me!  However, it’s always fun to watch Clancy playing basketball!  Look for a new dog trick video tomorrow!)



Clancy playing basketball trick video

27 Apr

Move over LeBron James, “Fancy Chief Clancy” is just waiting for his big contract and then he will just tear that court up!

Enjoy one of Clancy’s newest tricks, playing basketball!  (More trick videos and a blog on trick training will be featured in the near future!)

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