Tips on Dealing With The Morning Rush

9 Dec

Remember… though the dog is IN your life, you ARE the dog’s life.
Everyday a dog needs to be fed, given fresh water, exercise, companionship, playtime, and mental stimulation. Some days you’ll have less time to devote those things to your dog, but they still must be done in fairness to your fur-pal. Here are some tips for those days:

Be your dog’s best friend. ~ SSB

AKC Dog Lovers

Mornings are a chaotic time in any household, and one family member that can get lost in the shuffle is Fido.  Your dog still needs attention, even though you are in a rush to get out of the house.  The American Kennel Club offers the following tips to help you prepare the night before to make sure your dog gets what he needs and you get to work on time.

  • Put your dog’s breakfast in his dish and cover it.  Don’t forget to put it on the counter out of his reach!  If his food is canned or perishable, make sure to refrigerate it.
  • Prepare for your morning walk in advance by leaving the leash and pickup bags by the door.  You can also leave extra bags by the door for your evening walk to save time when you get home.
  • Check the weather forecast each evening and get together…

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