Where has May gone? To Colorado!

31 May

IMAG3430It’s the last day of May, actually the last minutes of May, and I can’t stand to not have some sort of post in each calendar month.  Clancy and I have been on a road trip across 3/4 of the country to attend the Keeshond Club of America’s annual National in Colorado Springs, CO. This has taken up a good chunk of May, including the last couple of weekends prior to it, traveling to obedience and Rally obedience trials so we could have a chance to achieve a couple of titles at the KCA National.  As I write this, I’m in a hotel heading back home with one new title and with two beautiful and wonderful Keeshonden hogging up the bed…  Clancy and our roommate over nearly the last 2 weeks, “Mercy” (who’s mom is asleep in the other bed.)  IMAG3270

When I get some time after I get home, I will share pics of this wonderful trip with my dog.  If you ever get a chance to take a road trip to a pet-friendly destination like Colorado Springs with your dog, do it!!!  It’s a wonderful bonding experience and you get to meet so many wonderful dog lovers along the way.  We even got to stop to meet a Facebook friend in person along our travel route.  VIDEO0619_0000032769

I have many topics I can’t wait to blog about, so please check keep checking back periodically!




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